How to find a job in Saudi Arabia?

In my opinion, the key to finding a good professional job in Saudi Arabia is not hard work but smart work. Here is the smart way to find a job in KSA.

Build a Professional CV

Your CV could be a difference between getting an interview call and ultimately securing a job. If you are applying to many jobs still not getting the calls, the problem lies with your CV.

In order to find a good job in Saudi Arabia, make sure your CV;

  • is Smart (1,2 pages max).
  • has a professional picture.
  • does not have useless information.
  • is easy to navigate.

You can also contact professional CV writers such as premium membership to make your professional CV.

how to find job in saudi arabia

Contact with your references

If you ask anyone the best way to find a good job in Saudi Arabia, it is through your contacts.

  • Call/Message each of your friends and tell them you are looking for a job.
  • Send them your CV on WhatsApp/email.
  • Ask them to circulate it in their professional circle.
  • Ask them to get you the contact details of their friends who are working in your profession.
  • Make a follow-up call to check if they have done so.
  • It is not bad to be a little annoying, they will realize that you are desperate in your effort.

Apply Online

There is another effective yet less responsive way to find a job in Saudi Arabia i.e. by applying online. There are many who have secured jobs this way. The best platforms are;

  • Top 5 best job websites in Saudi Arabia
  • LinkedIn: Make a professional profile on LinkedIn, build your connection, and apply for a  job whenever possible.
  • You can also keep applying for jobs on
  • If you are looking for a lower-level job, you can try some local websites as well such as

Premium Membership

If you are too desperate to find a job in Saudi Arabia, you can buy a premium membership of LinkedIn and The premium membership allows you to get the email addresses of the professionals you are targeting. 

In this way, you can send your CV directly to their email addresses which has a far better response than merely sending them messages on LinkedIn.

Personal Visits

If you send an email to 150 companies, maybe 1 will get back to you. But if you would go to the head office of any company yourself, there are many chances of being interviewed and selected.

However, there is one back draw of this procedure that you get a low-level job with a salary of 6,000 SAR or less in this way. If you want to get a better job, this procedure is not suggested.

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