How to check Border Number online in KSA?

What is Border Number?

Whenever someone enters Saudi Arabia on a new visa whether it is Umrah or Hajj Visa, Family Visit Visa, Permanent Family visa, Host Visa, Tourist Visa or a work visa, a border number is written on his passport by the immigration officer in KSA. In Arabic, it is called رقم الحدود.

Every time you enter on a new visa in KSA, a new number is assigned to you. However, if you are already living in Saudi Arabia and entering back to the Kingdom on an exit reentry visa, this number is not allotted to you.

Why do we need it?

You must be thinking why do we need a border number in KSA? Well, it is used for several purposes and I have explained some of them below. This number is used for various government transactions. You need this number to;

How to check Border Number online in KSA?

In case you don't have the passport of the passenger, you can still check his or her border number online in KSA. The first thing you need to do is to open the Absher website and click on the “Individuals” tab.

036 Register for Abshir (MOI) Services 01

A new page will open where you will find the tab of “Query Border Number” in Public Services as shown in the screenshot below. Keep in mind that you don't have to log in to your Absher account for this purpose.

295 How to check Border Number online in KSA 04

In the next step, there will be two options available to you from which I have selected the “Non-GCC Citizens” options. You can select the one you want.

295 How to check Border Number online in KSA 01

In the next step to check border number online in KSA, you need to enter the visa number of the visitor as well as the visa issuance date. The visa-issuance date is written on the visa in both the Hijri and gregorian calendar. Enter the image code and click on “Inquire”.

295 How to check Border Number online in KSA 02

The system will check the border number online and display it on your computer screen along with the name of the visitor. If you want to check it for another person, just click on the exit button and the system will take you to the beginning of the procedure.

295 How to check Border Number online in KSA 03

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