How to eat a lunch or dinner for free in Saudi Arabia?

Interested in how you can receive free meals for you, your family, and friends? HGEM Mystery Dining has recently partnered with a new client in Saudi Arabia, and we are looking for new people to join our team of mystery diners and help improve standards in the hospitality industry.

HGEM is the UK’s leading mystery dining company, and we operate across Saudi Arabia as well. Our team of diners go into restaurants to enjoy a meal with their friends or family and then fill in a report on the experience. This gets passed on to the restaurant, who use it to improve their food and service for future guests. In return, the diners are reimbursed for their meal.

In Saudi Arabia, there’s a range of dining options available, from Japanese to burgers to Lebanese to Turkish to traditional Saudi cuisine, so there’s something for every taste!

There’s no minimum time commitment necessary – mystery diners only take on the visits that interest them. You would only do the ones you choose to, as many or few as you like.

All you need to join in is an eye for detail, strong written English skills, good time management, and a passion for dining out!

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