How to earn money online in Saudi Arabia? 10 Jobs

If you want to earn money online in Saudi Arabia, there are several online jobs that can make you do it while working from home.


If you are good at making videos of any type be it educational, entertaining, or informative, vlogging offers huge potential to earn money online in Saudi Arabia. 

You can make these videos and upload them on YouTube as well on your Facebook page. If your content is original, you will be approved for ads on both platforms and start making money.

Vlogging - earn money online in Saudi Arabia

Affiliate Marketing

If you are already an influencer with some followers on any social media platform, the best online job for you in Saudi Arabia is affiliate marketing. There are many companies that offer you a percentage of sales if your followers buy something from them.

I personally know some influencers who are earning millions of Riyals online while working as an Affiliate Marketer. 

  • Amazon Affiliate Program Saudi Arabia.

Affiliate Marketing - Best online job in Saudi ARabia

Create a Blog

If you are good at writing, you can decide on a niche that suits your interest and create a blog. For example, you can start a fashion blog, food blog, restaurant reviews, travel experience, and much more.

Once you start getting a good amount of traffic from Google, you can always monetize the blog with Adsense. Keep in mind, creating a blog is a comparatively difficult way to earn money online in Saudi Arabia as it takes time to drive traffic from search engines with SEO.

Translation Service

There are many Saudis, Indians, Pakistanis, and Egyptians who know more than one language. If you are good at both languages, you can always do an online translation job in Saudi Arabia from Arabic to English, Arabic to Urdu, Hindi to Arabic, etc. Apply here.

Translation Service - online job in Saudi Arabia

Sell your Skills online

There is another good way to earn money in Saudi Arabia is by selling your skills to online platforms. If you are good at writing English, working on Excel, developing a mobile application, editing videos, creating logos, or whatever else, you can always sell your skills online on these websites and make money.

Sell your Skills to earn money online in saudi arabia

Invest in Saudi Stock Exchange

If you have some funds available, you can always invest them in the Saudi Stock Exchange. Although investing in the Saudi stock exchange is not a typical online job but you can earn money while working from home.

Invest in Saudi Stock Exchange

Online Tutoring Jobs

There are several online tutoring jobs available on the internet which people living in Saudi Arabia can start to earn money while working from home. Post coronavirus many tutoring jobs have gone online increasing the potential of this profession.

Writing Thesis for Students

I know it sounds illegal but there are many Saudi students studying across the globe who need assistance in writing their thesis or dissertation.

If you are a student in Saudi Arabia who wants to earn some money online, you can always help other students to write their thesis. It would also improve your writing skills.

Writing Thesis for Students - online job in saudi arabia

Online Surveys

Although it is not that lucrative, many people fill online surveys and get paid. In order to start this online job in Saudi Arabia, you need to create an account with a company that offers online surveys to be filled. Here are some of them.

Online Surveys - online job in Saudi Arabia

Sell photos

Many medium-sized websites and bloggers are willing to pay a handsome amount to buy a photo that suits their interests. Generally, they are looking for photos of families playing, people working, food, nature, and travel.

If you are good at taking photos of this kind, you can always sell them on some websites and start earning money online in Saudi Arabia. Here are the websites where you can sell your photos.

sell photos - earn money online in saudi arabia

Chat Center Jobs

There are many companies around the world that have established chat customer service for their customers. If you are good at English, you can start applying for these online jobs while working from home in Saudi Arabia.

How to Apply? You need to target the companies that are offering chat services to their customers and start applying there. 

Chat Center Online Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Is online business legal in Saudi Arabia?

There are many expats who are making money by vlogging and blogging through YouTube or their websites. Although there is no explicit guideline on this from the Ministry of Commerce, I believe vlogging/blogging is legal in Saudi Arabia because;

  • the money is paid by YouTube, Facebook, and Adsense from outside KSA.
  • it is an export of service.
  • No country in the world has imposed any ban on this in world.
  • You are not selling anything locally, hence not eating from the plate of Saudis.
  • How to take social media influencer permit in KSA?

However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can ask those companies to pay you money in your home country.

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