How to do Photography in Saudi Arabia?

We all know how a photograph is! Simply put, the art or act of taking pictures is photography. A camera is termed as the device used to take photos. Photographs were visual records produced on even a variety for light-sensitive particles by impressions of light. The term photograph also indicates, literally, “drawing to light.” A word photograph consists of two Greek words; photo implies drawing (or recording) of light as well as the graph.

Choosing a Camera for Best Photography

There are different kinds of cameras being used for doing photography. Some of them are as follows,

Canon is probably known for DSLR cameras that range from beginner-level models to complete-on professional sports, fashion as well as media photographers’ cameras. But it also embraces the mirror-less revolution, starting in its enthusiastically oriented M models, however, launching time in 2018 with a shiny new full-frame mirrorless camera, joined by the much lower cost EOS RP. All of these are dedicated to the greatest Canon DSLR and mirror-less cams during the first section of our list. We match all the prices, from learner to pro, from the enthusiast.

Canon’s DSLR, as well as the mirror-less camera, takes interchangeable lenses, which gives you plenty of flexibility to take photographs, but that’s not what that everybody needs. A fixed-lens and’ compact’ camera may sometimes be a better option than even the best DSLR as well as the best mirror-less camera, at all as its smaller, cheaper, but rather designed to do a particular job.

So we also selected out our highest level three compact cams from Canon, such as our top specialist model, our favorite Canon bridge camera, as well as the best affordable Canon point and family shoot camera.

  1. Canon  6D vs. Canon  80D: Optics

The comparison between Canon 80d vs 6d is as follows,

  • Focus points:Canon 6D has 11, on the other hand, Canon 80D has 45.
  • Maximum light sensitivity: Canon 6D has 102400 ISO, on the other hand, Canon 80D has 25600 ISO.
  • Sensor size:Canon 6D has 36*24mm on the other hand Canon 80d has 22.5*15mm.
  • Megapixels:Canon 6D has 20.2MP, on the other hand, Canon 80D has 24.2MP.

Conclusion: Canon 6D is a good camera in terms of optics.

  1. Canon  6D vs. Canon  80D: Videography

  • Video recording (main camera): Canon 6D has 1080*30fps, on the other hand, Canon 80D has 1080*60fps.
  • Timeless function: Canon 80D has a time-lapse function.
  • Phase detection autofocus for video:Canon 6D has this feature.
  • 24P cinema mode:Only Canon 6D has this feature.

Conclusion: Canon 6D is a better camera in videography.

  1. Canon 6D vs. Canon 80D: Audio

Audio features of Canon 6D vs. 80D include,

  • Stereo microphone: This feature is available on both cameras.
  • A number of microphones:Canon 6D has 1, on the other hand, Canon 80D has 2.
  • Microphone input:Both cameras have microphone inputs.

Conclusion: Canon 80D is a smarter camera because it has 2 mics and a 3.5 mm audio jack socket.

  1. Canon 6D vs. Canon 80D: Battery

  • Battery life (CIPA):Canon 6D has 1090shots, on the other hand, Canon 80D has 960shots.
  • Battery level indicator: Two phones has the battery level indicators.
  • Removable battery: Both cameras have batteries that can be removed.

Conclusion: Canon’s battery life is better.

Things to Know before doing photography in Saudi Arabia

Saudis Arabia is popularly adverse from existing photographed, specifically photographing family members as well as particularly photographing women. The causes behind this are difficult and connected to Saudi traditions and family reputation. In the generation of Internet exhibition, repulsion became stronger: The horror that a woman’s image may end up on the internet to spoil the popularity of her as well as her family is big enough that photographs can be used by men into sexual blackmail, anything the religious police fight with constantly. In Saudi act, the person being photographed in a crowded place has the right to oppose to be photographed.

Additionally to the cultural terrors and privacy worries of photographing them in public, Saudi act explicitly tells that some buildings cannot be photographed, referring to security concerns. In many cases, this contains government buildings as well as the location where “No photographs” sign is advertised. Yet police are capable to terminate and inquire for permissions from any person taking pictures of the structure.

If you’d prefer a long plus fruitful career like a street photographer than Saudi Arabia is not the most greeting location for you to proceed in it. Shooting public photographs and posting them on the internet is becoming more famous in the Middle Eastern kingdom, yet many photographers don’t know that the country’s extreme cybercrime law can bring down big fines and even prison time for their pictures.

The Saudi Gazette, a topmost English-language newspaper of Saudi Arabia, currently reported on the fearful downsides of the walkway photography in the nation. “Taking photographs as a hobby can take you directly to prison if you break the cyber-crime rule and launch the picture on the internet,” the paper writes.

It extracts Article 3 from the 2007 cybercrime act, which tells that person who clicks a cell phone picture and violates anyone’s privacy and then publishes it on social media must be scolded with one year prison or a fine of 500,000 Saudi Riyals which is ~$130,000.

A government media instructor named Abdulaziz Al-Aqeel says the Saudi Gazette that nobody should take street photos without getting an allowance from the nation’s Ministry of Culture as well as Information. “A photographer who goes to an event must wear a badge which tells for the specific firm he or she asks for. A photographer cannot launch or post an image online deprived of the consent of the person present in the photo,” he exclaimed.

As per the cybercrime rule, sharing an image of someone online deprived of their permission or knowledge is “more heinous” compared to shaming the person in public from a newspaper. This problem is becoming steadily tricky for them to search, as photo-sharing applications take off and build it quicker to instantly click and share photos on the net.

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