How to deal with stomach issues of children while visiting India/Pakistan?

People who are living in Saudi Arabia and belong to countries like Pakistan and India will agree that whenever they visit their home country, the stomach of the kids and theirs get upset. During the vacations there, they suffer the problem of diarrhea, vomits and motions.

Believe me, with such a situation (that is caused almost every time we visit our home-country), the whole vacation gets hectic, intense and un-enjoyable. While we plan to visit our loved ones, spend time with them and to roam around our country, we end up with doctors and medicines.

Not only kids but we elder also fall sick and the basic issue is the upset stomach. People say that the reason behind is the change in water and environment. But this is not true because when my family comes to visit me in Saudi Arabia, they don’t have stomach issues.

What is the reason of children getting sick? So I researched the issue and found out some interesting things. The real reason that kids and elders fall sick on their visit to Pakistan and India is the bad quality of water being sold there. Even though if we buy mineral water, the kids would always get sick.

We have visited several countries but our children don’t get sick even when we give them tap water in European countries but when it comes to India or Pakistan, the mineral water does not prove to be effective for them.

What is the solution? The local mineral water in our home countries is not up to the standard. The low-quality water is what is causing the problem. Thinking about what can be done? What is the solution to the problem when even mineral water cannot help? Well, it’s easy.

If you have relatives in Pakistan/India, then before you reach there, tell them to fetch you some bottles of mineral water named Mai Dubai or Evian. Both of these mineral water bottles can be found at the airport and at big marts such as Hyperstar (Pakistan).

The Mai Dubai is a UAE based company which will cost you 70 Pakistani rupees per 1.5 liters (this is equivalent to 2.2 SAR). The Evian is a France based company which will cost you 180 Pakistani rupees per 1.5 liters (this is equivalent to 6SAR).

Carry ZamZam Water: This amount is much better than an un-enjoyable trip and medical bills. Alternately, you can also carry some Zamzam water with you and give your children the Zamzam water or the mineral water of the above two mentioned countries.

During initial days you shall cook food and from this water. Later you can confine the usage of this water to drinking and not be cooking.

Believe me, this helped me a lot and I am sure that it will help you too. So spread the word, tell this to the worried mothers who now get frightened when it comes to visiting Pakistan/India as they have never been able to enjoy the trip because of their and their kid’s illness.

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