How to deal with annoying children at the mosques?

Parents accompany Children to Mosques: In our society parents always try to accompany their children with them to the mosques and in order to strengthen their connection with Allah, teach them basic morals and Islamic ethics and more important to create an awareness among them so that they would love to worship.

Cause of Disruption in the Masjids: In Ramadan, we often see a large number of children in the mosques. It is because the parent brings their children with them to teach them Islamic values.

Most of the times it is often seen that the children altogether gather to cause disruption inside the mosque and many times the parent’s leave their children unattended. Children tend to roam and make noises in both male and female section.

Calls of Imams: I have often seen arguments arising between women because of their children and infants when mother leave them crying behind and start praying.

The Imams of the mosques always calls on worshippers to control their kids but these calls are left unattended as it seems that the parents are not inside the mosque or they have not heard the Imam calls.

How do women feel about other children in the Mosque? In Ramadan, during the Taraweeh prayer, women usually bring their children with them to the mosque so that they could keep an eye on their children while praying.

Once a Saudi woman, Yasmeen Jadallah was interviewed and she said she is a housewife and use to pray her Taraweeh at the mosque.

She said she has opened her heart for the children and never minded to have kids around her while she was praying but she also said the children should be old enough and should be taught by their mother's not to disturb other worshippers.

Some Stories of Annoying Children: She described that once she was offering her Taraweeh prayer in the mosque and one of the children in the mosque came and vomited over her twice, she could not do anything and kept silent in an intention not to hurt the child or create any disturbance in the mosque. She discontinued her prayers and left the mosque because her dress got dirty.  

Besides this, some of the other worshippers narrated some different stories. One of the worshippers said once a stranger grabbed some of the children and threw them out of the mosque for making noises inside the mosques.

Once a Saudi woman said there were some children who were making noise inside the mosque and all the other women were accusing the children and their mother for bringing them as we all know that small children could never stay still or quiet for a long time.

How to deal with annoying children at the mosques? One of the Imam of a mosque said they regularly face vicious behavior by children inside the mosque and also complain about it but it goes unheard. We want people to bring children to the mosque and strengthen the value of respect in their heart.

Parents should always accompany their children and lead them with example inside the mosque. The main problem erupts when worshippers fight with each other on the behavior of the children.

It is often seen mothers in the female section tend to leave their children crying throughout the prayer. The best thing they can do is to stay with their children and pray at home.

Besides this, the Imam advised the worshippers to behave with children patiently and guide them, instead of criticizing them because scolding and criticizing any kid leave a permanent scar in them that can never be healed.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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