How to check STC balance in Saudi Arabia?

There are 4 ways to check STC SIM balance, internet or data balance i.e. by dialing a code, sending an SMS, calling the helpline and through the application. We have explained all of them below.

  1. Check STC balance by dialing code

In order to check Sawa balance, you need to dial the code *166# on your mobile, the system will check the balance and display it on your mobile screen.

check STC balance

In order to check STC Internet balance by dialing a number, you need to dial *888*5# on your mobile and the system will tell you about your remaining data.

check STC data internet balance

  1. Check STC balance with an SMS

The second way to check the STC balance from your mobile phone is to;

  • Write the code in an SMS: “166
  • Send it to 900.

Later, you will receive a message from Sawa containing the remaining balance. 

Check STC balance with an SMSIn order to check the Sawa internet balance, you

  • Write the code in an SMS: “2220”
  • Send it to 900.

You will receive a message containing the number of remaining MBs in your STC account.

  1. Check balance through Application

The third way is to install the STC Application in your mobile through the STC PlayStore or the STC application on iTunes.

Once the application is launched, you need to register your account there with your mobile number. After that, you just need to open your application to find out the STC internet balance or the main balance of your account.

  1. Call Helpline

The fourth and perhaps the most difficult way to do STC balance inquiry is to call 900 from your STC connection.

The IVR or the customer service representative will check and tell you the remaining STC internet or data balance as well as the balance of your main account.

Check STC postpaid bill

The easiest way to check the STC postpaid bill is to install the STC application from PlayStore or iTunes and register your account there. You would be able to check the STC postpaid bill with the touch of your finger.

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