How to check if you are blacklisted in Saudi Arabia?

Is there a way to check or know if you are blacklisted or banned in Saudi Arabia with your fingerprints? We have covered it below.

Blacklisted due to criminal activities

If you are involved in any of the 10 activities described in the provided link, and an official complaint is registered against you, you don’t need to check, as you are already blacklisted in Saudi Arabia.

It is also important to know here that in case of criminal activity; an expatriate is banned from returning to Saudi Arabia for a lifetime. If only a case was registered against him, but he left the country before prosecution, he would be arrested as soon as he landed in any of the GCC countries and would be brought to Saudi Arabia for the probe and trial.

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Blacklisted due to Huroob

If your sponsor has declared you an absconder (Huroob), which means that you are not reporting to work, the authorities will start looking for you, and as soon as you are caught, you will be deported.

how to check if you are blacklisted in saudi arabia

Blacklisted due to exit re-entry visa

Before, the country’s rule was that if an employer doesn’t report against you, there is no blacklisting or ban on an employee.

However, now there is an automatic ban imposed on those employees who flee the country on an exit re-entry visa and don’t return.

Can Kafeel blacklist an expat?

The power to blacklist an expat lies only with the Ministry of Interior. The Kafeel can neither request the MOI nor has the authority to blacklist an expat employee himself.

However, if an employee is involved in fraudulent activity and the employer reports it. The court issues an order against the expat employee; the MOI will blacklist the expat from returning to Saudi Arabia.

Check if you are blacklisted in Saudi Arabia Online

I have tried a lot but could not find an online way to check if you are blacklisted in Saudi Arabia. The government has not launched this portal for the general public. There must be an online way to check it, but it is not yet open to the public.

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