How to check if Work Permit is issued by Ministry of Labor?

Last updated on October 17th, 2019 at 02:19 pm

I am new to Saudi Arabia and my iqama has not been issued yet. One of the requirements to process the first iqama is getting a work permit. How can I check my work permit has been issued by Ministry or Labor?

Question by Visitor: Dear my company applied for my new iqama but the border number in health insurance was wrong. I make it correct from insurance company office and now it is linked with Jawazat.[irp]

My company is fast in the issuance of Iqamas and it comes within 15 days after arrival to KSA. It is now 22 days still iqama is not issued. It seems that before due to wrong border number in medical insurance my iqama was not issued.

Also, I think that may be a fee for new iqama i.e. SR 500 + SR 150 is paid against wrong border number which does even not exist in Jawazat system. When I use to enter my correct border number in MOL website, it shows my name correctly with ON JOB status with green category company.

Now my question is that, is it possible that fee for new iqama is deposited against wrong border number? And other is that if everywhere my border number is correct, then iqama will be issued now automatically or should my passport with other company documents are again to be taken by some company rep to Jawazat for iqama issuance. Please reply. Thanks.

Answer by Steve: Dear, do not worry about anything. It is just 22 days. HR department of your company will process the case and there will be no problem. The delay might be due to the reasons you have mentioned but ultimately it will be fine. 

Can you please explain by how you enter to the MOL website with the border number that it starts telling you about the status of your Kafeel (Green)? I would appreciate this effort. It would be helpful for other readers of the blog as well.

Explanation by the Visitor: Dear Steve, by using border number we can easily see that our work permit is issued or not and we can see that is the color of our company. For this just go to

And from here enter the border number (which is written with hand on the passport on the adjacent page is Visa) in “رقم الحدود” and type the numbers shown in the image at the bottom. After pressing enter, it will show the information, that if a work permit is issued and with our name and color of the company. It doesn’t show the name of the company.

But by going through MOL information, this is not the guarantee that Iqama is issued. For Iqama, our original passport, pictures, Iqama fee 500 (1 year) +150 (Human resource fee), company stamped documents, Medical Fitness report (to be linked from medical clinic, where we gave medical in KSA), Medical / health Insurance (to be uploaded by the Insurance company regarding the border number) etc. are submitted to Jawazat through company's representative (Mandoob). Then, after this Iqama is issued. I think it is helpful for many of our friends on this blog. Thanks.

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