How to check if Saudi Visa is original or fake?

If you have a Saudi Visa in your hand and you are not sure about its genuineness, then here is the process you can check whether your Saudi Visa is original or fake. Besides this, it is must to check your visa authenticity to avoid any trouble later on.

The first step to check if your Saudi visa is original or fake is to open the website of Enjaz through the link given below and change its language to English.  You will find a window on the right corner where you need to select “Electronics Services” from the drop-down menu and enter the application number which is written on your stamped Visa at Passport above the machine-readable bar code.

After entering the Application number, enter the Passport number, captcha code and click on the search bar to check if Saudi Visa is original or fake.

5314 How to check if Saudi Visa is original or fake

In the next step to check if Saudi Visa is original or fake, you will see the picture of the visa holder there. At least looking at your picture in the records of Enjaz would give you some sort of confidence that your visa is not fake.

See your picture first and then confirm the type of visa you have applied such as family visit visa, work visa or Umrah visa. It is very important for you to understand the types of visa in Saudi Arabia. Recommended: What are the types of Visa in Saudi Arabia?

We know that many agents in South Asian countries sell fake visa to their customers. Once they receive the payment, they deny the visa and customers face troubles ultimately.

If you check that the Saudi visa stamped on your passport is original or fake before making any payment to the agent, you can avoid the risk of being cheated.

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