How to check Iqama Huroob status online?

It is vital to check Iqama Huroob status online if you are not working under your sponsor as they might set Haroof against your Iqama. In this article, we have explained in simple English what can go wrong with the Huroob and how to check iqama Huroob.

What is the meaning of Huroob?

Huroob effectively means that you ran away from your sponsor and he reports to Jawazat that now this employee is not his responsibility. It happens when you don’t report to the work site without informing your employer or sponsor.

In some cases when people are working illegally under the name of a Kafeel and don't pay them at the required time, sponsors set a Huroob status as a blackmailing tactic to charge more money. In all these situations, you can check iqama huroob status online and set your next line of action.

What happens if the Police catch you with Huroob?

As soon as the Huroob or Haroof status is set on your Iqama irrespective you check it or not, the Police start searching for you. Once you are caught by the police, they detain you and send you to the detention center.

After a few days, you are deported with a term of the ban to enter back to Saudi Arabia. This is the reason it is so important to keep checking iqama huroob status all the time.

How to check Iqama Huroob status online?

In the first step to check Iqama Huroob status online, go to the ministry of labor (MOL) website, there is no English version of the website so no need to waste your time in searching for it.

You need to enter your Iqama number in the second box. You may also have to enter the robot detector code in the fourth box.  This screenshot will also help you to enter the iqama number in the correct box to check Iqama haroof.

041 How to Check Huroob Status of Iqama Online 01

While checking the Iqama Huroob Status, if the following message appears on your screen indicating your name, a Kafeel number and Nitaqat status of Kafeel, it means you are safe. Nitaqat status means your Kafeel is in white, green, red, golden or platinum category.

041 How to Check Huroob Status of Iqama Online 02

However, if the following message appears on your computer screen while checking Iqama Huroob status, you are in problem. In this case, you need to immediately consult with your sponsor to remove the Huroob Status.

041 How to Check Huroob Status of Iqama Online 03

How to remove Huroob?

If your Kafeel has set Huroob status on your Iqama, you will have different option to remove huroob. 

Please note that the records of domestic workers are not updated on the MOL website and therefore, they cannot check their Haroof status from this website. If you know a way to check their Huroob status, please leave a comment below. 

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.