How to calculate the value of a pre-used car?

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Cars are machines that serve a very crucial purpose in the daily commutation of a person. And if one is looking to purchase a car, he needs a machine that is more practical and efficient so that it accomplishes all the aspirations of the car drives really well. While buying a car, the value for money is the most prominent condition that a customer seeks. While the value of used cars in Sharjah over a period of years depends on multiple factors of usage from the previous owners, most of the people tend to ignore them. Take a look at some of these pointers below:


The timely maintenance of a vehicle is one of the most crucial aspects for the longevity of a used cars in Abu Dhabi, along with the crisp performance that the car will deliver even after years of being purchased. If the owner is careless about the maintenance, there can be some serious damage underlying the car which might not seem that faulty at the present moment but might result in imminent failure in performance or damage of specific parts in the car in the future.

Miles covered

The condition of the car is well judged by the number of miles covered over a particular period of time. If the number of miles traveled may be too much in a very less amount of time, it means the car was driven vigorously.

On the other hand, if the miles covered were less, it means the car wasn't driven enough over a period of time. So the idea is to judge the car’s present condition on the basis of the average usage of a car in a given time frame. Ideally, this time vs. miles ratio should not be too high or too low so as to provide the best life out of the car.

Insurance claimed

While it is commonly said that you should not judge a book by its cover, but that's not the case with the cars. In case you are wondering, what is a metaphor for the cars, “you judge a car with the number of insurances claimed”. Insurances provide you with the exact details of what work the car has gone through in the past and what parts of the body or the engine have been worked upon or replaced over time. If the car has taken major blows in the past, it means somewhere down the road you might need roadside assistance to help you during any mishaps that may happen during your journey.


Another aspect of prime importance is the paperwork of the car. It gives you the authority of being an owner of the car. The documentation not only covers the details of the owners but also takes into consideration all the guidelines that are to be followed under the local jurisdiction.

Make sure there are no frauds, multiple sales, etc. to ensure you are not given the wrong vehicle.

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