7 Steps to get rich in Saudi Arabia

How to get rich in Saudi Arabia 🤑? It seems a silly question, but all expats come to Saudi Arabia with the same intentions. Here is the step-by-step guide.

7 Steps to get rich in Saudi Arabia

Step 1: Strive for a better job

To be rich in Saudi Arabia, you need more income, and since the primary source of your income is your salary, you should strive for a higher paying job. I know many expats who do not look for a better job due to their lousy nature.

Step 2: Other Income

While living in Saudi Arabia you have some legitimate opportunities to earn a small amount of other income, grab it whenever possible. For example, the following are the risk-free options;

Step 3: Do not spend your full salary

If you spend your entire salary, you can never turn around your life. The second step to getting rich in Saudi Arabia is saving at least 20% of your salary in a separate bank account. You cannot spend this amount no matter what the circumstances are.

Step 4: No Debt Policy

If you have some unpaid credit card bills or a loan to repay, the next step to get rich in Saudi Arabia is to pay off all your loans and credit card bills. You can use the 20% savings amount to pay off your loans and credit cards you have taken before

However, it would be best to have a no-debt policy in the future as it always results in paying interest.

Step 5: Build Cash Reserve

You might need some funds for some rainy days and therefore, you should always keep around 6 months of your monthly expenses in Saudi Arabia. Rich people always maintain some liquid funds in their hands.

how to become rich in saudi arabia

Step 6: Invest your savings

Step 6 is the most crucial step to being rich in Saudi Arabia: start investing your money in assets to earn more money.

  • Amount to Invest: Savings – Loans – Cash Reserve.
  • Keep your liquid funds in an Islamic Banking account to earn profit.
  • Look for a safe investment in the beginning.
  • After several safe investments, you can also look for some risk. The risky investment should not exceed 20% of your net worth.

Step 7: Invest your Investment Income

Soon, you will start earning money from your investments. Do not spend this money thinking you are free to do it; rich people invest their income and become more affluent.

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