How to Apply for Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia?

Stop-over passengers can take up to 96 hours transit visa to Saudi Arabia by booking an airline ticket through Saudi Airlines or FlyNas.

Validity of Transit Visa

The transit visa will allow stop-over passengers to stay in Saudi Arabia for up to 4 days or 96 hours.

  • A transit E-Visa is a single-entry, single-use visa that expires once used.
  • If you have a layover on your return flight, you can reapply after the first flight has departed.


You need the following documents to apply for a Saudi Transit visa;

  • Passport with 6-months validity.
  • Personal Photo: 200X200px file size -20kb.
  • Saudi Airlines or FlyNas Ticket.
  • Transit visa is available to all nationalities.
  • Visa Fee: SR 97.

Transit Visa through Saudi Airlines

The passengers who are booking international flights with less than 96 stopping-over in Saudi Arabia through either Saudi Airlines or FlyNas airlines will get the option to book a transit visa from the websites of the respective airlines.

  • Open Saudia website:
  • Select your international departure and arrival destinations e.g. New York to Karachi.
  • Choose your flights with the most suitable connection time for you, up to a maximum of 96 hours.

If your stay is less than 96 hours, an option to get a transit visa will appear. Click on the “Visit Saudi” button.

Transit Visa through Saudi Airlines

Select your stop-over flight. If you have a return flight, you can take a stop-over in one of them as of now. If you have a layover on your return flight, you can reapply after the first flight has departed.

Select the number of days for the stop-over. The duration should match the availability of flights.

Transit Visa through Saudi Airlines

Continue with booking the ticket until you find the option to book a “Transit E-Visa“.

Transit Visa through Saudi Airlines

Pay the fees for the ticket and visa fee of SR 97 in one step on the SAUDIA website.

After completing the previous steps, you will receive an email with the issued visa and insurance for the duration of your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Terms and Conditions

  • The visa fee is non-refundable.
  • Companions under 18 years old can apply for visas with their adult guardians.
  • Passengers who are authorized to obtain a visa upon arrival in Saudi Arabia would not get a transit visa.

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