How people reacted when 2 men fell into a deep pit?

Once, a group of people was hopping through thick forests to carry out work. However, there was a pit in their way and two of the careless men fell in it. The pit, unfortunately, was a deep one and the people were unable to hop out.

You cannot come out of this pit

When other people learned about the incident, they gathered around the deep pit where the two people where helplessly hopping. The people were of the opinion that the efforts of these two people are useless as the pit is way too deep. The people told them that they should accept their fate and wait for their death in the pit.

However, the two people did not want to accept it. They were not ready for their death yet. They never imagined such an unexpected death, they were out on a mission, not for death. They continued to hop yet the other people were discouraging them from saying that they were not obedient and careful and that is why they are facing a terrible fate.

The people would tell them to rest and delay their death because the more they get exhausted, the sooner they will die. The people continued to discourage them while the two of them steadily hopped with all their energy to come out of the pit.

They got exhausted after several hours

After several hours of tireless efforts, the two people where exhausted and tired. They fell pain in every part of their body and felt that their bones were wrecked. One of the people unwillingly accepted his terrible fate. He laid down and started to wait for death.

While the other man hopped once again in a hope that his last few efforts would be fruitful. His body had no energy, yet he hopped in last hopes. When the other people around the pit saw his hopping, they started to shout out to stop and die peacefully.

The started to discourage them and soon there was a wave of hooting that stop pain and die peacefully. The sound got louder and louder yet interestingly the man would hop with greater energy on every shout!

Finally, he got out of the pit

Finally, he got so motivated on their call, rather than being discouraged that he jumped high enough to get out of the pit. And Walla, he was out of the pit! Soon when he regained his energy to talk to fellow people, interesting things unfold.

He was deaf

The man was deaf. He did not know what other people were saying and he did not focus on lip reading as he was inside a pit. But when the people around the pit where busy discouraging, he thought they were giving him motivation and even though he did not have the strength the motivation lend him extra energy to hop out of the deep pit.

Moral of the story

We all need to learn from this story that hopelessness is really a bad thing. When we give up hope, we are heading towards dark. Also, we see that the people around us can change a lot for us. If people motivate us, we can jump out of troubles no matter how deep they are.

Never demotivate others, might be your motivation can help someone for good. Always spread positivity and hope.

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