How much to pay to a Driver in Saudi Arabia?

If you are thinking to hire a family driver in Saudi Arabia, you must be thinking about how much salary to pay him. Here is the guideline.

How much should I pay a Taxi Driver?

To begin with, we’ll discuss the cheapest mode of transportation, that being the public taxis. These public taxis charge not more than SR 30 within a radius of 20KM from your pick-up point to your desired destination.

They are normally expats who came from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh who know the city very well. So if you tell them where to go, they will take you there without the need for any technical navigation.

How much should I pay to Driver with Car?

If you go to your work every day, you can always hire a driver who owns a car and he will provide you the pick-up and drop-off service. It will cost you around SR 700 to SR 1,000 depending upon the distance.

Salary of a Family Driver

Finally, you have the full freedom option of hiring a full-time driver, either a Filipino or Pakistani. They both have different rates, for instance, the salary of a Filipino family driver in Saudi Arabia is around SR 2,500 whereas you can get a Pakistani or African driver for SR 2,000!

You can provide them with accommodation and food and they will also act as car cleaners, do the errands involving payment of utility bills, getting groceries, etc. They will make life a whole lot easier for you and your family!

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