How much cash can I carry from Pakistan?

While traveling from Pakistan, people often wonder how much cash they can legally carry. What is the limit to carrying cash from Pakistan to any other country in the world?

Cash Carry Limit from Pakistan

While traveling from Pakistan, the amount of cash you can carry depends upon the age of the passenger.

  • Below 18 years: $2,500/visit and $15,000/annum.
  • Above 18 years: $5,000/visit and $30,000/annum.

In other words, a family of 2 adults, one child (6years) can legally carry cash amounting to $12,500/trip and $75,000/year.


Cash Carry Limit to Pakistan

As per the FBR website, bringing in foreign currencies is permitted without any limit. A passenger can bring any amount of any foreign currency to Pakistan.

However, the amount of Pakistani currency you can bring in Pakistan depends upon the country you are arriving from;

  • From India: PKR 3,000.
  • From Other countries: PKR 10,000.

However, you are required to disclose the amount of money you are bringing in Pakistan at the customs to legalize it.

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