How many tribes are there in Saudi Arabia?

There are in fact number of tribes present in Saudi Arabia and across the Arabian Peninsula. If you have been living in Saudi Arabia, you must have met a Saudi with the name Qahtani, Hudaiti or Jehani. Ever wondered, how many tribes are there in Saudi Arabia?

There are quite a large number of tribes in Saudi Arabia and we cannot mention a number. However, we have tried to provide a list of tribes in Saudi Arabia for those who don’t know about it.

The tribe Banu Tamim is a famous tribe that is spread across Iraq, Saudi, Qatar, Yemen and many other Arab countries.  There are two major tribes in Saudi Arabia and they have further divisions. The two basic tribes are Qahtanis and Adnanites.

Quraish, Tamim & other famous tribes belong to Khindif. Al Saud from ‘Anizah from Rabe’ah. Otaibah, a famous Saudi tribe are from Qais-Iylan. According to King Abdul Aziz Information resource, the major tribes of Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Ajman
  2. Al-Dawasir
  3. Al-Murrah
  4. Amarat
  5. Anaizah
  6. Awazim
  7. Bani Malik
  8. Bani Yam
  9. Dahamsha
  10. Dhufir
  11. Harb
  12. Huwaytat
  13. Muntafiq
  14. Mutair
  15. Qahtani
  16. Ruwalla
  17. Shammar
  18. Otaibi

The tribe of Qahtanites includes:

  1. Haimyar
  2. Kahlan
  3. Qudha’ah
  4. Kindah
  5. Azd
  6. Madhhaj
  7. Hamdan

While the tribe of Adnanites includes:

  1. Rabe’ah
  2. Mudhar
  3. Qais-Iylan
  4. Khindhif
  5. Eyad
  6. Anmar

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