How many cigarettes can I bring to Saudi Arabia?

There is around a 215% tax and duties on the import of cigarettes in Saudi Arabia and therefore, people want to bring duty-free cigarettes. How many cigarettes and tobacco one person can bring to Saudi Arabia? Here is the detail.

Duty-Free Cigarettes and tobacco products

When arriving at any of Saudi Arabia’s port, an adult person can bring any of the following quantities of cigarette and tobacco products for personal use without paying any tax or duty;

  • 200 cigarettes and;
  • 24 cigars and;
  • 500 grams for all other types of tobacco. 
  • Any quantity exceeding this limit will be seized at the airport.

You can bring the above-mentioned quantity of cigarettes and tobacco products on every trip to Saudi Arabia without any limit on the number of trips.

How many cigarettes can I bring to Saudi Arabia?

Rules for the Import of Cigarettes

As per the rules, an adult individual is allowed to import the following quantities every 3months through an express transport service (cargo).

  • 2,400 cigarettes and;
  • 125 cigars and;
  • 2 kg of shisha or other tobacco products

The custom duties and taxes will be paid at the time of import of cigarettes which includes;

  • 15% VAT.
  • 100% customs duties.
  • 100% sin tax.

Rules for Importing Cigarettes to Saudi Arabia

Import of Energy Drinks in Saudi Arabia

The maximum limit of energy drinks allowed for individuals to import in Saudi Arabia is 10 liters per annum.


Source: Saudi Gazette

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