How long it takes to get traffic violation SMS in Saudi Arabia?

It is important to mention here that whenever a Saher camera flashes, it does not always convert into a traffic violation. People want to know How long it takes to get violation SMS after the Traffic Violation in Saudi Arabia. There are 3 ways of detecting a traffic violation and the duration it takes to get an SMS depends upon it.

Traffic Violation detected manually

If you are not wearing a seatbelt, crossed a red signal without Saher cameras, parked your car inappropriately, or committed any other traffic violation and the traffic police officer has observed you, he will issue a manual ticket.

He might place it on your windscreen under the wiper if you are not available near your vehicle. In this type of violation detection, it takes around 30 days to get an SMS for the traffic violation. 

Traffic Violation detected by Saher Cameras

There are thousands of Saher cameras placed all over the Kingdom. Some of them are portable and others are fixed. Most of them are capable of detecting if you have crossed the red signal and overspeeding.

People want to know, how long it takes to get a violation SMS after the Traffic Violation through Saher Cameras. You are notified about the traffic violation through SMS the next working day.

Let’s say if a violation is detected on a Wednesday night, you will be notified by Thursday morning. If it took place on Thursday night, you will be notified by Sunday morning. 

Traffic Violation detected by Smart Traffic Devices

The Saudi Traffic department has provided smart traffic devices to most of their officers through which they can take pictures of the violator, select the type of traffic violation they have committed and register it in their online system in real-time. 

It takes not more than 30 minutes to receive an SMS if the traffic violation is detected by smart traffic devices. If you have parked your car wrongly and a traffic police officer detects it with his SMART device, you will probably be notified about the violation before reaching back home.

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