How would be a game changer for GCC traders?

Launched on 28 June, is the newest fintech startup operating from Europe. This is a hub for investors and traders, where they will be able to receive transparent and up-to-date information about financial markets.

This is a game-changer platform that will be beneficial for every person involved in financial markets, be it a newcomer or an experienced trader. With recent developments and digitalization of financial markets, the ones who will benefit the most from investfox are traders from countries that recently saw the influx of new traders joining the market, especially those who reside in countries that are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Countries such as the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are becoming new financial hubs connecting Africa and Asia. Combine this with strong roots in the West and developments in GCC countries are growing rapidly, especially in retail financial trading. As more and more businesses are showing up and more investments are pouring into these countries, retail investors are given bigger investment opportunities in the financial market that does not show any signs of slowing down.

But with these rapid and fast-paced developments, comes one problem that many retail traders are facing, and this is a lack of oversight and regulations. If we compare the state of financial markets of the GCC to those of African countries, which also saw an influx of traders, the problem is not so apparent, but it is still present.

Members of the GCC introduce new regulations on a constant basis. But this fast introduction of new regulations regarding AML, KYC, and many more, causes the mass spread of misinformation and confusion among retail traders. One day regulations might state one thing, and the next day it could be the complete opposite.

This misinformation gives brokers good opportunities to take advantage of traders, who might not be familiar with the latest regulations. When trading on financial markets, traders need to be up-to-date with everything related to the market and this is where investfox comes into play.

Why is investfox a game changer for GCC traders?

investfox is a new European startup operating in the fintech industry. They release reviews of different brokers and other financial companies, provide market leading retail FX industry reports and also educate them with the necessary guides about every necessary financial topic. Everything this is done with full transparency and no bias. These reviews go over everything that traders will need to know before trusting brokers with their money. Another tool that investfox provides to traders is the compare function, where traders can compare different brokers to one another and easily see differences between them. For example, below you can preview how XM compared to IG broker at investfox website.

investfox makes sure to be up-to-date with the information and materials they provide. This constantly updating information is the result of two very important things. Firstly, reviews and other information they provide get updated on a constant basis, with a team of experts keeping their eye on the financial market every day and making sure that the information they provide is not outdated. Another very important tool that they utilize is users themselves. investfox users are able to leave their own reviews and views about different brokers and other financial topics. With this, traders can get the latest information and reviews from people who are in a similar position as them.

The educational section of investfox is also something that we can not ignore. Growing markets, especially the ones like GCC, attract a huge number of new traders, who want to try their luck out in the financial market. But most newcomers always tend to make significant losses as they are not familiar with the market. investfox knows that and that’s why they provide educational materials that will teach new traders everything that they will need to know before they make any significant decisions regarding the trades they plan on making.

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