How I converted from Hindu to Christian to a Muslim?

Being born and raised in a Muslim family is indeed one of the greatest blessings that one can think of. From an early age, we are given the concept of Allah and told small things that matter a lot. However, what inspires me is the stories of converts. The people who convert from other religion and enter into Islam.

I am always in search of such stories as they are a true inspiration for me. I know that religion is dear to all, but what pinched them so hard about Islam that they converted is a great deal for me. I love hearing such stories: they make me learn the beauty of our religion.

He was a Hindu by birth

Today I am going to share such a similar story with you, this is a story of a man who was Hindu by birth. The boy was born to a Hindu family in Guyana. The family was poor but was a religious one. They had idols at their homes and would have prayers there. The boy did not like worshiping idols.

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He was much inspired by Christians. He did not like the fact that they had to worship hundreds of idols while the Christians had just three divine beings namely God, Jesus, and the Holy spirits.

He embraced Christianity

The boy started to visit the local church often and got inspired by the Christians. Soon he embraced Christianity and started to learn about the religion in more depth.

He was appointed as a priest. He was given a good amount for his services. The church looked after his expenses and food. The church would also cater for his traveling expenses. The boy was able to earn well and the fate of his family changed.

The family loved the bounties and they too converted to Christianity. He preached the religion for 10 years as a priest. Yet there was something that pinched him and thereby he would pray to God to take him to the path of truth.

He dreamt 3 times on a night

Once while he was meditating late at night he prayed to God to show him the path of righteous. That night he had a strange dream. He dreamt that 3 men in white robes and turbans approach him and show him the true religion.

Years passed but nothing happened. He would always pray for the true religion. Once he was out when he saw three men approaching him, this was it. These men were the same as what he had seen in his dream. He went forth to them and found out that they were part of a Tablighi Jamat and had come to a nearby mosque.

He converted to Islam

They were Muslims and the man knew that this was the religion he had been searching for years. He readily converted to Islam after serving Christianity as a priest for 10 years.

After his conversion, all the bounties were taken away. Poverty struck again and his family was not happy with it. Her mother expressed anger by saying that he had been unjust. He should have thought of his family before converting to Islam.

On this, the son replied that dear mom, I shall buy you clothes but soon they will wear out, I shall buy you shoes but they will tear away. So I thought of giving you something that shall not perish and help in afterward as well. The mother accepted Islam and so did the rest of the family.

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