How do Hindus live in Pakistan?

The flag of Pakistan has a white portion that depicts the minorities. Although Pakistan is a Muslim country, there are Hindu families living here for generations.

How do Hindus live in Pakistan?

1- Their kids are allowed to go to any school, they are not forced to study Islamic subjects which are otherwise compulsory.

2- There are allowed to opt for jobs: you will visit Hindus serving as doctors, teachers, engineers, and even managers. No sort of discrimination is made on the basis of religion.

3- There are temples around the country where the Hindus can go and offer their prayers.

4- There is no restriction on building temples in Pakistan as there is no restriction in building Mosques in Pakistan.

5- The Hindu community tends to enjoy their religious festivals such as Holi and Diwali as Muslims can celebrate Eid.

Pakistani PM celebrating Diwali with the Hindu community.

The story of a Hindu family in Pakistan

I happened to meet a Hindu family who would not fear to tell that they were Hindu as there is no discrimination made on basis of religion.

The kids used to go to a renowned educational institution and had a great social circle.

Pakistan opposition leader celebrating Holi with the Hindu community.

Their father was a manager at a Pakistani restaurant while their mother was a Hindi teacher at a University. They lived in a good urban area and enjoyed a great time with neighbors there.

We have a Hindu senator who voices for Hindus and it is always welcomed. If there are disputes between India and Pakistan: no law or action is made against the Hindu community.

Hindus living in Rural areas

Yes, there are issues in Pakistan, yet they are not confined to Hindus only. If Hindus in rural Sindh face a problem, then the analysis shows a similar problem was being faced by the Muslims as well.

There are cultural and social issues in some rural areas of Pakistan and Pakistan as a society is fighting hard against them.

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