What did Prophet Muhammad look Like?

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the last messenger of Allah. He died 1400 years ago and there is no picture of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ due to which people want to know how did he look like?

He had a great personality and people had high respect for him even before he was blessed with the message of Allah. We have tried to explain how Prophet Muhammad ﷺ looked like below.

  1. Face

The face of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ looked like the most beautiful face on the planet and it was radiant.

Jabir Ibn Samura says that I saw Prophet Muhammad ﷺ on a cloudless night, and he was wearing a red suit of clothes, so I started looking at him as well as at the moon, for he is indeed more beautiful, in my opinion, than the moon! – Ash-Shama’il Al-Muhammadiyah 10

  1. Figure

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ figure was a perfect one: he had a flat belly: a belly that wasn’t protruding.

  1. Head

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ head was firmly created that wasn’t disproportionate nor small.

  1. Eyes

The eyes of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ looked like something finely and delicately made. His eyes were made in contrast. The dark portion was immensely dark while the white was excessively white. He exhibited long eyelashes.

  1. Voice

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had a natural echo in his voice while his neck was elegantly long. He used to speak in a voice that was audible and clear. When he used to address, it was overtaking and commanding.

  1. Beard

The beard of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ looked like full and thick. He had arched eyebrows that weren’t joined: they were separated. When he was silent, he would get covered in dignity.

  1. Appearance

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ looked like a striking and outstanding person if seen from far. When he came near, he was the best of the man and the most handsome one in closeness.

  1. The wisdom

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had such an exalted and sweet level of logic that when he used to speak everything was coherently logical.

It seemed though that his logic his utterances and his words were jewels coming out of necklace: each polished, calculated coming one after the other in a magical order.

  1. Height

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ looked like someone with a graceful height. He was moderately height: a height that was neither too long one had to strain one’s eyes to see him nor it was tedious to look down at him. He was a comfortable sight to see it.  

  1. Friends

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had friends, the people with him, who were working with him and trying to protect and serve him. When he used to say something, they would hark to what he said. When he used to command, they used to fulfill it.

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