Can deportation of expats create jobs for Saudis?

According to Abdulghani al-Ansari who is a member of the board of directors of the Madinah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the deportation of expats will not open opportunities for Saudis.

Foreign Remittance by Expats

He also said that it is important to look at facts and figures such as how 8 million expatriate workers reached over an annual remittance of SR 129 billion which if calculated through simple arithmetic means an expat transfer around SR 1343 a month. He asked that would Saudis ever think of replacing the expats on such meager salaries.

Al-Ansari said that a lot needs to be done in order for the Saudi youth to become an active part of the economy and workforce of Saudi Arabia. The minds of the Saudis have been set high and they themselves wouldn’t even think of replacing expats working in small and medium-sized industries.

Instead, he said that the young Saudis should invest in small enterprises which will, in turn, create jobs and open up a range of opportunities.

Al-Ansari also said that the Saudi Savings and Credit Bank had extended SR55 billion in social loans while small-scale projects were only SR 3.5 billion! He said that the failure of these projects proves that there is an urgent need of restructuring.

Source: Al Arabiya

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