How can Saudis study well in the USA?

The Guidelines for Foreigners How to Write a Cite Essay

The US is a favorable destination for thousands of students from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations. Most of them travel to the USA for their advanced degree courses before returning to start their career life. 

The Arabian system of education is different from the American. Fresh Saudi students take time to adapt to the new USA education system. Essay writing assignments begin within the first year of their study and most face the challenge of writing and citing their essays. This guide here will help Saudi and all other foreign students studying in the USA to perform at their best when writing and citing essays.

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Read what other people have written

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students studying in college write essays in various fields. Some who are in their second years and above have mastered the secrets of good essays. Study their papers and learn how they styled their citations. The Saudi Arabian citing style may not be different, but the language could be different. 

Start to build your pool of vocabulary 

Knowledge of vocabulary and correctly using it helps foreign students studying in the USA become good and motivated writers. The best way to build your vocabulary is to read extensively. 

Have a mixture of academic books, novels, magazines, online literature and many more. As you gather more vocabularies in your vocabulary bank, start to use them in your essay writing. 

Make essay writing your habit

You build your essay writing experience through writing. The more you write, the better you become. Do not wait until you get an assignment from your lecturer. Instead, look for topics relevant to your field and create time to write on the topic. 

One thing you will realize as you keep writing is that essay writing boosts your career. Career life does not start after college; it starts the first day you join college. 

Use a citation generator for students 

One of the challenges faced by foreign students studying in the USA is correctly citing their essays. Foreign Saudi students studying in the USA need first to study all the important citation styles before they begin writing their essays. To overcome citation challenges, Arabian students can try online Harvard style citation generator by EduBirdie, which easily cites all the references. The students understand the importance of citing their writing well, but they don’t understand how to use the different citation styles like APA, Chicago, MLA, and Harvard, which is where this tool helps.

5949 How can Saudis study well in the USA

Use different citation styles 

Begin to cite in different styles so that you get used to each. You can write the same essay and change the format for each. Your essay writing will not be perfect unless you understand how to cite correctly. 

You may ask your fellow students to help you point out mistakes in your essay and be open to correction. As you continually practice, you will become familiar with all writing styles.

Follow structures correctly

Learn also to follow the correct writing structure beginning with the title, introduction, body, conclusion and referencing. Your lecturers will not just test your vocabulary use; they will also test the structure flow. You may create one general structure for all essays and follow it until you fully understand it. Your four years of studying in the USA will not be wasted. 

Learn to use writing tools 

Essay writing cannot be complete without the use of tools. There are many writing tools helpful for all students. It might be challenging at first, especially for students from Saudi Arabia, but once you get used to the tools, your essay writing experience becomes enjoyable. 

Some tools will help you find topics faster; others will help you cite better. After you complete writing, there are good, free editing tools available online. You can use them to edit your essay. Other tools will help you scan for plagiarism to ensure your essays are always original. 

Join study groups 

There are many study groups exclusively for students studying in the USA. You can search for groups that are relevant to your course and join. You may ask any academic-related question in the group and get quick and timely answers. 


Pursuing a university education should not be a tedious undertaking for any foreign student studying in the USA. There are many tools useful for students in various courses. The tools help students in assignments writing and citation, checking grammar, taking notes, typing fast, and many more and make the education process easy and enjoyable.

Author’s Bio: Julius Sim is the head of the support team at Edubirdie, leading academic writing service for students in English-speaking countries. She ensures timely delivery of academic work, receiving feedback from them, and ensuring that every query or issue is looked into and resolved on time. Her free time is for reading magazines, swimming and watching tv shows. 

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