How can lawyers use Video Marketing to build an audience?

What? Lawyers on YouTube?” if that's your reaction, then hold it. There are many popular YouTube channels that are all about law, like Bloomberg Law, Wild About Trial, Learn Law Better (LLB), YouTubers Law, etc. 

Law videos receive a good number of views on other platforms like Facebook and IGTV too. You can upload videos on your own website and share them as well.

Law can be very interesting for anyone outside as well as part of the field. While criminal trials have always been interesting to watch, people are also looking to get legal education about their rights. 

If you are a lawyer or a law firm, start creating videos today. Use video marketing to make yourself famous and grow your business!


Video campaigns help lawyers in many ways. Some of the ways are:

  • Get new leads
  • Increase credibility
  • Increase popularity
  • Command respect

Videos and Lawyers: How to Build an Audience and Grow?

Creating a compelling video channel requires hard work and smart thinking. Use the following tips for a great video campaign. You can upload videos on IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere else.

1. Make a list of the FAQs

There may be some questions that your clients would repeatedly ask you. Make a list of those questions and then answer them through a fun video. You can also make an interactive one to make it interesting. You can use VideoCreek for making such videos.

Make sure you've done your research. It's a good idea to add an example to the video when you are answering a query for better understanding.

2. Talk About, Animate or Enact Interesting Cases

If you are a criminal lawyer, people would love videos on unsolved cases. Or they would like to listen to a different take on famous cases. If you don't practice on the criminal side, pick landmark judgments, and talk people through them.

For example, the “snail in the bottle case,Donoghue vs. Stevenson, is taught even today. Offer a funny take on what happened. People can't get enough of such cases.

You can create an animated video about a case or enact it. This is really cool. Law students will share it too.

3. Educate About Basic Rights

This will get you a lot of shares. People love to know what their legal rights are. You can also throw in some interesting facts about the famous legal rights. For example, since when are police officers mandated to tell the arrested person their rights?

You can also inform people about anything else that is lesser-known in the field of law.

4. Add a Call-to-Action to Your Videos

After the end of every video, include a call to action. Ask the viewers to visit your website, call you, or subscribe to your channel. This is essential, so you can get measurable results.

5. Execute a Video Series

Is one of your videos doing well? Turn it into a series. Or you can also leave a hook at the end of the video and make it in three or four parts. This will make viewers return to your channel.

6. Make Your Videos SEO-Friendly

Focus on the description and title of your videos. Make sure they include popular keywords that will make your video appear in search results. SEO-friendly videos perform better on YouTube.

7. Offer Information on Recent Case Laws

What case laws have shaped our laws today? Share some interesting facts about the judges or how long the case was in court. Landmark judgments make for a great discussion as they are usually trending.

8. Discuss Funny or Irrelevant Laws

The constitution was drafted decades ago. Discuss some irrelevant or funny laws that exist around the world. This is a tried-and-tested method for getting more views.

For example, in Georgia, if you own chickens, it is illegal to let them cross the road. There are many such weird and funny laws you can discuss in your videos.

9. Go Live For an “Anyone Can Ask” Session

Most people have a lot of legal questions. They can't pay lawyers' fees, so they refrain from asking them directly. But if you hold a session like this online, you can get more people to view your videos. 

You can do a weekly session. Eventually, the money you earn from the ad revenue will be good enough to supplement your legal fees.

10. Share, Share, Share

Share your videos on all platforms. Sharing is key. Share the link on different social media accounts, WhatsApp, or even text messages if you want to. Don't hesitate to do this.

The more you share, the more people will watch your videos. 

Bonus tips:

  • Run ads on YouTube.
  • Monetize your channel to make money online.
  • Be consistent in posting; don't have long breaks because people forget quickly.
  • Keep watching your analytics data to know where your audience is from or what age group it belongs to. If Millenials are watching your channel the most, talk about issues that concern them.

Become a LawTuber

This is the new way to advertise your services and the most effective one. Still not convinced? Here are some stats by YouTube that will help.

  • Every day people watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube.
  • YouTube has local versions in more than 100 countries and in 80 languages.
  • Year on year, the number of creators earning six-figure incomes from YouTube is growing by 40%.
  • Be quick about making a video when a legal issue is trending.
  • Collaborate with others.

Videos are in. You can reach maximum people through videos. There is no limit. Use an omnichannel strategy to produce videos. 

Use video makers any YouTube video editor to add effects, text, transitions, or music to your video. This will enhance its visual appeal and make it look like it's done by a professional.

You can use your law expertise to make money online, market your services, and grow your business with YouTube as an “accessory” to success. Take an “oath” to do so!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.