How Can I bring my family along with me to Saudi Arabia on New Visa?

Sohail Ahmed Khan: I am a medical doctor and going to process my work visa as a doctor in Saudi Arabia but I want to take my family with me at the same time. Someone told me that after I get my visa, I should go to Etimad and they will do the rest. Do you have some info regarding this?

I have seen one of my friends went to Saudi Arabia for the first time with his family as a medical doctor, I mean it was his first job in Saudi Arabia. The hospital told me the same that after my visa I can get my family visa and when in Saudi Arabia I will have to pay 2000 SAR at the time of getting Iqama for the family. Please, can you confirm this info?

My hospital is not a government hospital but they said I can bring my family with me and my recruiting agent also said that doctors are entitled to family visa and I am the one who is Kafeel for the family so there is no problem in getting a family visa before traveling to Saudi Arabia.

Aqi: Only a government hospital can arrange a visa for your family. Most of the professors/doctors in government entities come to Saudi Arabia with family.

In your case, you will have to come here, process your iqama and only after that you can start the process of family visa of your family. Read here “Procedure to Apply for Permanent Family Visa Online

Sohail Ahmed Khan: I went Etimad KHI and they told me they can process my application for a family visa it means it can be done and it is written on Etimad website that for certain professions Saudi embassy can give visa without prior permission from authorities in Saudi Arabia e.g. for Doctors.

However, they told me that I will have to go to Islamabad Etimad office because my work visa was stamped from Islamabad embassy but there is no appointment available till two weeks and my hospital in Saudi Arabia calling me to come early that’s why I could not go to Islamabad from Karachi.

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