How can a girl find a husband in a society like Saudi Arabia?

In this 21st century, we are still living in a conservative society where our young girls are still seen struggling to select a good life partner and there is still no ladder on which they could climb and reach their projected husband.

In our society, there are many young and beautiful girls who are waiting to get married but sometimes their parents take too much time to decide for a suitable husband for them and this sometimes take a long time that they lose their good looks.

In the past, our ancestors used to arrange a marriage of their children at a very young age as soon as they reach their puberty but now we are living in such a community where we are upbringing our children with good manners and spend a lot of money on their education.

We wait to think about their marriage until they reach at the age of marriage and at that time it becomes difficult for us to find a suitable match for our children.

Nowadays, wedding functions and other parties are taken a source to hunt for marriage proposals. We often see a large number of graduate and beautiful girls attend marriage parties in a hope to find a suitable husband.

They nervously wish the mothers and girls of young unmarried boys to look at them with a focused stare so that they can tell their boys about them. They have to do this because in the Kingdom, girls are secluded and the girl and boys have no opportunity to know each other.

Therefore, these types of occasions like wedding parties are suitable to hunt for husbands. In this way, they are able to get married but the problems also arise because in this way the marriage is not directly done between boys and girls but through the eyes of their mothers, sisters, relatives etc.

The couple doesn’t get any time to know each other. The husband and wife know each other only after the marriage and this takes a lot of time to know each other and build a humanitarian relation.


They begin their married life with lesser knowledge and love for each other. This is the only reason the arguments arise between the husband and wife and the only reason the divorce rate is increasing in our society to extreme high.

A recent study revealed that there is nearly 227,806 spinster women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their spinster is counted at the age of 32, According to the general authority of statistics.

Now all I wanted to say is, our society should find more practical channels for the boys and girls to have a fair knowledge to know each other before they get married. This may include government, private or charity channels to help the young boys and girls to know each other.

If we talk about other countries, there are several institutions that help to find perfect husband and wives for their citizens. This is a modern mean of matchmaking through social media where the boys and girls enter their data waiting to get matched.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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