How Bible is different from the Enjeel referred in the Holy Quran?

It is a common belief and is often said that ‘the Holy Quran confirms Bible’. Irrespective of this being a common belief, we don’t see the term ‘Bible’ anywhere in the Holy Quran, the terms “Old Testament’ and “new testament’ are also never mentioned the Quran.[irp]

What Quran actually confirms is ‘Torah’, the original revelation of Allah to Holy Prophet Musa and ‘Enjeel’ that is the original revelation from Allah to the Holy Prophet Isa. There are two other scriptures mentioned in the Quran, those are ‘Zabure’ and ‘Suhuf of Prophet Abraham’, so it is a wrong belief that Quran confirms the Old or New Testament.

The definition of Torah in Christianity: Even if we take a term, for example, ‘Torah’, Muslims, Christians or Jews does not have the same understanding of this term. The Christians believe that the ‘Torah’ is first five books in the Bible, beginning with ‘Genesis’.

However, if one goes through these books, it is found that these books do not contain the Revelation to Musa A.S. from Almighty Allah, rather these books are consisting of the Biographies of Prophet Musa A.S.

In the last part of chapter 34 in ‘Deuteronomy’, death and burial of Musa A.S. are described which is obviously not the words of Prophet Musa A.S. and it is also not the revelation from Almighty Allah.

The definition of Torah in Quran: Even the definition of Torah in the Holy Quran and in Islamic literature is quite different to what is defined to be Torah in Jewish literature and Christianity. In Islam, Torah means the revelations from Almighty Allah to Prophet Musa A.S. and not the biographies written by human beings about him.

The definition of Enjeel in the Holy Quran: The second important issue is that the term ‘Enjeel’ as mentioned in the Holy Quran is the term denoted to Gospel and not to the four different Gospels. Holy Quran relates to the words of Almighty Allah and not to those of Luke, Mark, John, and Matthew.

Four gospels written by them are not the ‘Words of Almighty Allah’ rather they are the biographies written by these humans. Qurans speaks only about the revelation from Allah to the Prophet Isa A.S. The same kind of revelation that was given to the Holy Prophets Mohammad S.A.W, Dawood, Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Musa A.S.

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