How Allah returned our things lost in Makkah & Madina back to us? – stories of pilgrims

We shared one story on our website and Facebook page about a pilgrim who lost SR 16000 in Madina and prayed for its return in Makkah, soon he got back his money.

Many people commented under this blog their stories of how they lost different valuable items in Makkah and Madina and Allah made arrangements to return them back. It really reaffirms my belief that Allah is the most powerful and there is a strong power in supplications.

Sheeli Khan: We left Cellphone in Madina room and Allah send it to us in Pakistan in our own city Islamabad. When we left, maybe a family from Islamabad went to the same hotel room they took the cell phone with them and called us when they reached to Islamabad.

Neerka A Avril: We go for Hajj last year and my husband left his wallet in Arafat we didn’t know it until we go back to mina. It’s a miracle that it’s returned to him. Alhamdulillah, it is a blessing from Allah despite too many people who are there for hajj. Allah helps us to make things easier.

Allah let us finished our pilgrimage then after that my husband realized that his wallet is missing, we got so worried because all his important identification cards and credit cards are there. It is a miracle that we found it in MINA even though too many people are there.

Khurshid Mahajan: This is very common in both HOLY CITIES. When I was in Saudi Arabia last year for Umrah, I lost a bag in Makkah while leaving for Madina on the main road. Miraculously, I received bag back in Madina after a gap of five days with all things intact.

Steve: Once we were performing Umrah and my wife dropped her mobile phone. We were separate as I was taking care of our kid. She called me from another number to tell the story. I asked her to complete her Umrah and come back to the collection point.

Later on, I called on her phone number which was picked up by a lady. She told me that she will be giving it to the lost and found section in Masjid al-Haram and I can collect it within 1 hour. When my wife came back, we went directly to that “lost and found section” and found it there.

Fakhira Sultana Tayyab: Once we were traveling from Riyadh to Makkah and on the stop in Meeqat, I forgot my husband’s favorite shirt in the Almira. We went to Makkah and then to Madina. There, my husband asked for his shirt. I was so sorry about it.

But as we were coming back, I asked him to re-check in the hotel. But my husband said to leave it. But I insisted so my son went to see and brought the shirt as it was straight away hanging in the Almirah.

Moin Sattar: I too dropped my brand new NOKIA whilst doing Tawaf in 2009. I returned to the hotel and called to get a response from someone who asked me to come to gate no 1 of Haram and take back the phone!!!

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