How Allah gave Hidaya to “Kifl” who used to pay $10,000 per night for girls?

The mercy of Al-Mighty Allah is beyond human imagination. His mercy cannot be explained in words; He forgives everyone who seeks ‘Tauba’ sincerely. The mercy of Allah can be seen in the case of “Al-kifl”, Allah Kareem forgave the sins of Al-kifl, though he lived the whole of his life committing sins.

The mercy of Allah is waiting for a sincere ‘Tauba’ from us. Let us see the narration about Al-Kifl in detail. It is narrated by Abdullah bin Umar (radi Allahu anhu), he said that he himself heard (several times) from the Holy Prophet (Blessings of Allah and peace be upon Him) about this incident of Al-kifl.[irp]

According to the Hadith, Kifl was one of the people of Bani-Israel, he was habitual of committing sins without any shyness. Once a needy woman came to him and he enticed her to have a sexual relationship with him against a sum of 60 Dinars i.e. around $10,000.

It is important to note that one Islamic dinar is equal to 4.25 grams of gold and one-gram gold has a price of $40 today which makes it around $10,000. After getting the deal done, he gave her the decided money and when he neared her to commit the sin, that lady began to cry and tremble out of fear.

He asked her the reason for fear and crying, he asked her whether she disliked him. The lady told him that it is not so, but she is crying because she has never committed a sin earlier rather she got compelled because of her needs otherwise she would never agree to act immorally. 

He said that she is talking like this even when she has agreed to his proposal and has taken money from him. He told the lady that she can leave him and he also gave that money to her, he further added, while swearing on ALLAH, that he will never commit that sin again. 

It is narrated in the Hadith that Al-Kifl died that morning and there was a caption on his door in the morning “Surely, Allah has forgiven Kifl”Jami` at-Tirmidhi – English reference: Vol. 4, Book 11, Hadith 2496, Arabic reference: Book 37, Hadith 2684

There are many important points to learn from this Narration. Anyone who shows repentance sincerely is forgiven by Allah Kareem and he is then treated as someone who never indulges in a sin.  It is because of the mercy of ALLAH that someone can seek sincere repentance from ALLAH.

This Hadith also explains the curse of destitution. We should always try to save ourselves from this situation; we shall always seek refuge from ALLAH against this situation, we shall have strong faith in ALLAH and not become dependent on other humans. Poverty is such a thing that can compel a human being to do anything, how immoral that can be.

This Hadith also shows us the immense mercy of Allah Kareem. The mercy of Al-Mighty ALLAH is overwhelming HIS anger and anyone who seeks sincere repentance from ALLAH and restrains himself from sins is forgiven by Allah Kareem.

Source: Sunnah

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