How Allah defended Hazrat Aisha R.A when she was accused of committing Zina?

They did not even spare the Mother of believers: The hypocrites never missed a chance to defame our Prophet PBUH, his (PBUH) family, and Islam. The Hypocrites who were led by Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Salul, were always looking for a way to cause trouble for Muslims and Islam. They would call themselves Muslims but were the biggest enemies of Islam.

They did not even spare the Mother of believers, Hazrat Aisha R.A. Hazrat Aisha R.A was one of the wives of the Holy Prophet PBUH and the daughter of his PBUH companion Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A. She was a pious lady who put forth her services for Islam.

Once, she accompanied Holy Prophet PBUH on an expedition. She was left behind by the caravan, unintentionally. She was all alone in a dessert when, fortunately, Safwan bin Mu`attal who was on a separate journey saw her stranded in the desert.

He suspected that she had been left behind and needed help and assistance. He thereby bought his camel forward and allowed it to sit beside Hazrat Aisha R.A. Hazrat Aisha R.A sat on the camel and soon they were able to join the caravan of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

They accused Hazrat Aisha R.A of committing Zina: When the hypocrites saw Hazrat Aisha R.A being accompanied by Safwan all alone, they did not miss a chance but to spread rumors against the two pious figures. Abdullah bin Ubayy was the most prominent one to spread the false allegations against the pious lady.

He and his companions started to slowly spread the lie that Hazrat Aisha and Safwan intentionally got left behind and committed Zina. Some of the Muslims, unfortunately, fell prey to the propaganda and started to believe it.

Soon the false story took the city by fire. Everyone was talking about the false rumor and was in a doubt of its truthiness. The Prophet PBUH was also informed about the slander against His (PBUH) dear wife. Unfortunately, Hazrat Aisha R.A fell ill, and she did not know what was happening all around.

She did not know that the rumor had spread like fire in the forest. However, she was in a doubt that something was wrong as the Prophet’s behavior with her had changed. She was ill and Prophet PBUH did not behave the way he (PBUH) used to. This made Aisha R.A sad and curious.

The Prophet PBUH did not speak about the rumor with Hazrat Aisha R.A. The point that needs to be highlighted is that even after hearing such things about his (PBUH) wife, he did not take a serious step against his wife as men these days do.

He (PBUH) did not in anger hit his wife nor behave rudely. He PBUH, however naturally became silent and his behavior with Aisha R.A changed out of depression.

She got to learn about the rumor after a month: After a month, Hazrat Aisha R.A finally got to learn about the rumor from a woman. Now the Prophet’s behavior made sense to her and she got depressed. She thereby asked the Prophet PBUH to let her go to her parent’s home.

She cried a lot as she was helpless, and her parents and husband were suffering from depression. One day at-last the Prophet PBUH paid a visit to Hazrat Aisha R.A while she was at her parent’s home. He PBUH sat in close approximation to Hazrat Aisha.

Prophet Muhammad asked Aisha R.A to ask for repentance: Abu Bakr and his wife, Umm Ruman, sensed uncertainty and sat around the couple. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH finally spoke about it. He PBUH said that if she was innocent, Allah will surely declare her. Yet if she has committed the sin, she shall ask for repentance.

Listening this made Aisha cried, she looked at her father helplessly so that he might take a stance for her. Yet he declared that he does not know what to say. She then looked towards her mother, but she also said the same.

Hazrat Aisha R.A was helpless, she then claimed that even if she says she is innocent people will not believe her yet if she would say she is a sinner, which she is not, people will believe it. Nevertheless, she would patiently bear this as did the Prophet’s Yusuf father did.

Crying over, she lay down. Deep inside the pious lady knew that Allah was conscious of her innocence and soon a revelation would come down in her favor. Her hopes materialized and suddenly Prophet PBUH underwent the situation of receiving a revelation.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W received revelation: There appeared crystal pearls of sweat on his forehead and face, after a while the Prophet PBUH cheerfully declared the innocence of his dear wife. He PBUH congratulated Hazrat Aisha for her proven innocence.

Allah SWT declared verses 11-21 of Surah Noor for the innocence of Hazrat Aisha R.A. The verses claimed that false allegations were imposed on the pious lady. No witness was put forward to support the allegations, yet people believed it.

Those who imposed allegations shall have put forth witnesses. Allah forbids His people for following the footsteps of the devil, the footsteps lead to dome only. Those who speak falsely shall face its consequences in the hereafter. This is how Allah defended Hazrat Aisha R.A when she was accused of Zina.

The incident has a great lesson for us. The incident is marked as of great importance in the Islamic history. Firstly, Muslims got aware of the hypocrites and knew that they shall never be trusted. 

Moreover, the 10 verses of the Quran tell us that chastity of woman is sacred. No one shall impose fingers on women chastity and purity unless there is enough evidence to prove it.

Secondly, it teaches men how to tackle such sensitive issues. Men shall remain calm and let time and proofs clear things. These days we see so many cases of honor killing where women are not even given a chance to defend themselves.

The holiest person this earth has ever seen kept his calm for a month and later on did not execute his wife but just asked her to ask for forgiveness from Allah if she has really committed a sin. Subhan Allah!

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