How 12 Years Old Saudi Boy tricked his kidnappers who asked for SR 50,000 ransom?

12-year-old boy Muhammad al-Khateeri’s brilliant presence of mind helped him get away from the trap of the kidnappers. His courageous attempt to get free was an inspiration for all. He was locked up in an empty and a huge mosque in the Makah region.

However, he was lucky enough to escape after a few hours of his kidnapping. He was kidnapped by two young Saudis who wanted the ransom of SR 50,000.

The kidnappers were not lucky enough to run away and were arrested by the police. The kidnappers had an old dispute with Al-Khateeri’s father and kidnapped him to settle the matter as the reports stated.

His grandfather stated that it all happened on a Sunday morning at 11 when Al-Khateeri was returning home from school. A Toyota Hilux pickup stopped in front of him as soon as he crossed the road to reach home.

There were two young men, who got out wearing masks and gloves, forcibly pushed him into the car and drove. As soon as they reached a football ground, the kidnappers stopped and went in another Hilux which was stolen.

The 12-year-old courageous boy stated that the kidnappers tied his hands with a plastic rope, covered his face with a black plastic sheet and chained his feet with iron rings.

They then took him to a distant area and kept him in the mosque that was already empty for 15 years. Muhammad literally screamed and begged for hours and hours, but no one came for help.

The kidnappers forced and ordered him to call his father and ask for SR 50,000. Since the kidnappers wanted to contact al-Khateeri’s father from another mobile phone, they had to leave that place until the time they found a new mobile phone. 

Before leaving that place, they threatened Al-Khateeri of killing him if he even thought about or tried to escape. Feeling scared at first, he kept silent and sat without moving.

Al-Khateeri stated that by afternoon around 4 pm, he somehow managed to remove the chains from his feet and unfasten his hands.

He opened the door of the mosque forcefully then managed to climb the wall of the mosque courtyard that was 1.5 meters high and was successful in running around half a kilometer where he reached the highway.

He then waited for some lift, and suddenly found a Yemeni driver who accepted to take him back home safely. Meanwhile, since Al-Khateeri was still missing from his home, his father called the police officers and registered a complaint.

Soon after his complaint, several security patrol teams were out in search of Katheeri that finally resulted in the arrest of the culprit. The spokesman of Makah police at al-Quraishi said, that the kidnappers confessed to their major crime.

The criminals even said that they simply wanted to punish Khateeri’s father and thought of taking revenge by kidnapping his son. This serious issue was referred to the bureau of investigation and public prosecution.

Once again, I appreciate the ability of Saudi Police to take quick action against the culprits.

Source: Al Arabiya


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