Sri Lankan Housemaid finally receives SR 66,800 as overdue salary of 13 years

Housemaids and drivers are paid low in Saudi Arabia. That is the reason people hire expats for these jobs because they are okay with low wages.  Sponsors sometimes are harsh and rude. They keep their maids as slaves and don’t pay them fairly.

One such case comes into the light where the Saudi high court judge ordered the Saudi sponsor to pay his Sri Lankan housemaid and clear all her previous dues. The dues were SR 66,800 that sums for past 13 years.

This high court is in Hail which is 400km far from Riyadh. They ordered that the sponsor should pay the woman named Seda Cader Ismail Asia Umma, aged 60, the previous money and sponsor her air ticket back home to Colombo. She came to the Kingdom on agreed wages of SR 400 per month

The Saudi sponsor’s name is Mubarak Al Qahtani, who challenged Court against this judgment of theirs in the final court appeal in Riyadh. According to him, this is not acceptable to him. The Sri Lankan maid is in police protection currently staying at the Women’s Welfare Camp in Hail. 

The maid Umma belonged to Beruwela in Sri Lanka. She came to the Kingdom on agreed wages of SR 400 per month. Expats always agree for such jobs due to some reason to support their family and that exactly is the case here as well.

A Sri Lankan Embassy Official told that the lady sought work in the Kingdom for the sake of her three school going daughters to support them. This case wouldn’t have been caught if the sponsor wouldn’t have come to renew the passport of this maid.

They started off with this mission during the passport renewal process in 2014. After some formal inquiries, it was revealed by the officials that the housemaid had been kept as a slave from the time she arrived and not even paid her salary. The embassy thus registered a complaint at the spot with the police.

The officials wished and hoped that the court takes a decision in Umma’s favor and reject the Sponsor’s verdict otherwise it’s going to be unfair. They said that the embassy would transfer Umma to Riyadh where there are more chances for her appeal to be heard and decided in her favor.

It also comes to light that Umma is happy and thankful to the officials who caught what was happening with her, supported her and are helping her to get back to her home after years of torture and a hard time staying away from her family. The officials even told us that Umma has almost forgotten her mother tongue, Tamil, and speaks purely Arabic now as she had been in the Saudi household for a very long time.

The Sri Lankan Embassy is very efficient in handling such genuine cases and always opens for such distressed housemaids around the clock for seeking emergency assistance and help from the officials. They deal mostly with cases where there is no payment of salaries and disobeying the contract.

It has been recently published in newspapers that Saudi Kafeel has paid all overdue salaries to her amounting to SR 66,800/-

Source: Arab News

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.