Housemaid caught slicing the throat of a 3 Years old

A Saudi house in the city of Riyadh blew open with the cries of a young child when their housemaid had attempted to slice his throat. A young child was stabbed several times by the housemaid in a proper attempt to kill the child.

It was not long that the cries of the three-year-old echoed in the entire house causing the mother to be alarmed and rushing upstairs to the room where she had left her child fast asleep an hour ago.  As she entered the room, she found the housemaid holding a knife and her baby filled in a pool of blood crying.

The maid didn’t stop there and continued on finishing what she had started, but the mother reached the moment in time enough to wrestle the maid and get the knife out of her hands.

While looking for help, the mother came across a driver who quickly took the woman and her bleeding child to the hospital while the men in the neighborhood tried to grab hold of the retarded housemaid who tried to take the life of an innocent child. 

The child was brought to the hospital just in time that the doctors could save his life. 

After questioning a relative, it was found out that the mother had hired her only 5 days ago and she had seemed a lot suspicious.

The incident has raised red flags within the Kingdom and asked women and owners to think several times before employing a maid or helped, being fully sure about their work and their fitness. 

Source: Gulf News

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