Housemaid becomes 2nd wife after one month

The Housemaid was disapproved by the Husband

According to a Saudi housewife, she called in a maid whom she treated very well, who at first was disapproved by her husband but soon things changed and one day, her husband brought the maid home as his second wife.

2207 Housemaid became second wife after one month of employment

Why do Saudi men marry their maids?

One of the most renowned answers was, that the husband may not have been getting the attention or care from the wife as he was from the maid.

It often tends to happen that women do not consider it important to take care of the little things that are connected to their husbands. Examples of such include ironing their clothes, preparing their breakfast, washing their clothes, etc.

As the wife takes in a housemaid, she begins to get relieved of her responsibilities which may give the maid the chance to impress the husband.

2207 Housemaid became second wife after one month of employment 01

Before becoming maids, they are women

They might be maids, but they are women after all and do wish for the life of a family, a husband who is well. 

The maid should only be restricted to the kitchen and taking care of the children. All the work of the husband should be done by the wife and her alone. You cannot entirely blame the maid, nor the husband. It’s important that the wife also looks up to her flaws.

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