Saudi Arabia discontinues host visa for Iqama holders

Saudi Arabia has discontinued host visas for Iqama holders. The host visa allowed expats to bring anyone under their sponsorship for a period of up to 90 days. These were the salient features of the host visa.

For whom can we apply?

Saudi Citizens can apply for host visas for whomever they want while expats can only apply for closed family members which include the following relations;

  • Wife/Husband.
  • Children.
  • Parents.
  • Parents-in-Law.
  • Brother and his family (wife and children).
  • Sister and her family (husband and children).
  • Sister-in-Law (sister of the spouse).
  • Grand Parents.

Where to stay?

The host visa holders would be able to travel all around Saudi Arabia as there will be no restrictions on them to stay in any particular city.

Can we perform Umrah on Host Visa?

A host visa holder would be allowed to book Umrah Appointment through Eatmarna can go to Makkah to perform Umrah.

How to apply for a host visa?

The host visa has been merged with the Family Visit Visa. Previously, an Iqama holder was allowed to apply for the family visit visa only for parents, spouses, children, and parents-in-law.

After the announcement of the host visa, now you can apply for the visa for your brothers, sisters, their families, and grandparents as well.

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