6 best places for for Horse Riding in Riyadh

If you want to learn or enjoy horse riding sessions in Riyadh, here are the best places to go with your friends and family.

  1. Al Aghar Club

If you want to be part of horse riding competitions in Riyadh, then head towards Al Aghar Club. They hold competitions that challenge your horse riding skills. It is equally good for children.

The best one is the five-round jumping one. This one starts at the jumping height of 40cm and ends at one meter. There is no way one is getting bored there. So, make a friend group and go there for ultimate fun.

Al Aghar Horse Riding Club in Riyadh

Al Areen Equestrian Club

The best part of the Al Areen Equestrian horse-riding club in Riyadh is that it is exclusively family-oriented so that you and your little ones can enjoy a great time horse riding there.

They have the most professional and kind trainers who will lend you skills gradually. There is also a horse-breeding farm where watching foals and ponies is a treat to the eyes.

Al Areen Equestrian Horse Riding Club in Riyadh

Al Kahela Equestrian Club

The unique and distinctive thing about this Al Kahela Equestrian Club in Riyadh is that they teach archery and horse riding. It may sound difficult to do so, yet the trained professionals would let you get equipped with both the skills. 

Al Kahela Equestrian Club in Riyadh

Caballo Equestrian Club

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful horse riding spots in Riyadh, visit Caballo Equestrian Club! It’s a picture-perfect moment to ride on the horses contrasted by green meadows and white sand. 

Caballo Equestrian Horse Riding Club in Riyadh

Riyadh Stables

The most famous horse-riding club in Riyadh is Riyadh Stables. They allow your little ones (as young as 4 years old) to get equipped with horse-riding skills. They take good care of the horses as they have professional horse care-takers.

Riyadh Stables for Horse Riding

Voyage Equestrian Club

Voyage Equestrian Club is one of the finest and clean horseriding clubs in Riyadh with a lavish Café. They hold various competitions even photography competitions.

Voyage Equestrian Club in Riyadh

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