No Iqama Renewal without HIV test for 10 countries

The Saudi Ministry of Health has required the nationals of 10 countries to go through the mandatory medical checkup for the HIV\AIDS test before the renewal of Iqama.

Every expatriate has to go through the HIV/AIDS test at the following two points before the issuance of the first Iqama.

  1. Medical Test for Saudi Visa.
  2. At the time of applying for the first Iqama.

List of countries which need HIV/AIDS test for Iqama Renewal

The Iqama holders with the passport from any of these countries have to go through a medical checkup before Iqama renewal every year.

  1. Ethiopia.
  2. Eritrea.
  3. Kenya.
  4. Somalia.
  5. Djibouti.
  6. Nigeria.
  7. Sudan.
  8. Thailand.
  9. Nepal.
  10. Vietnam.

List of countries which need HIV/AIDS test for Iqama RenewalWhat happens if tested positive with HIV in KSA?

You must be thinking about what happens when somebody is diagnosed with HIV\AIDS in Saudi Arabia. 

  • If a Saudi is diagnosed with AIDS in Saudi Arabia, the government provides him treatment free of cost.
  • If an expatriate is diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, his name is entered by the Ministry of Labor to not renew the Iqama. He gets a final exit visa after the expiry of his iqama with a lifetime ban.

What happens if tested positive with HIV in KSA?Source: Al Madina Newspaper

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