HIV/AIDS Test made mandatory to Renew Iqama for 10 nationalities

Iqama or Residence permit is the most important document for an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. As long as you are breathing, you need to have a valid iqama. It becomes more important when somebody dies as you have to renew his Iqama before getting a license to bury the expat in Saudi Arabia.

As we know that Saudi government is very strict in the prevention of transmitted diseases, every expatriate who comes to Saudi Arabia has to go through a Medical Test for Saudi Visa in the home country, if you don’t pass this test, you are not granted a Saudi Visa. This is the first step to ensure that the transmitted diseases stay away from Saudi Arabia.

When you arrive in Saudi Arabia you need to Apply for the First Iqama. In fact, it is not you, it is your sponsor who applies for your Iqama. After passing the medical test in the home country, when you arrive in Saudi Arabia, you need to pass another medical test. This is the second step to ensure that if there was some error in scanning the transmitted diseases in the home country, it is detected here.

After one year of issuance of the first iqama, you need to follow the Procedure to Renew Iqama Online in Saudi Arabia. Once again, in this procedure, some nationalities have to go through a medical test. This is particularly the medical test for the diseases which are transmitted through blood or sexual interaction.

It is very important to renew iqama on time as not renewing Iqama On-Time may lead to serious consequences.

Residents of some countries like African countries (Ethiopia – Eritrea – Kenya – Somalia – Djibouti – Nigeria – Sudan) and Asian countries (Thailand – Nepal – Vietnam) have to provide the medical test report to renew the Iqamas.

If you belong to any of these countries, you must be thinking about what happens when somebody is diagnosed with AIDS or Hepatitis in Saudi Arabia. Well, the treatment differs from disease to disease and from nationality to nationality.

If a Saudi is diagnosed with AIDS or Hepatitis in Saudi Arabia, the government provides him treatment free of cost.

If an expatriate is diagnosed with Hepatitis, he is allowed to get the treatment in Saudi Arabia if his insurance company provides the coverage of his treatment.

If an expatriate is diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, his name is entered by the Ministry of Labor to not to renew the Iqama. He gets final exit visa after the validity of his iqama.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.