His 4 wives gifted him 2 cars on the occasion – Polygamy at its best

Polygamy is a practice of keeping more than one spouse at a time. It is a culture that is legally allowed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Islamic Shariah Law and it is totally acceptable in our society.

Before the advent of Islam, men used to keep multiple wives and the fact is that our religion put a limit on limitless marriages by reducing the number to only four.

Islam allowed men to marry four wives with a consideration to treat them with equal rights but still women stand totally against this practice. However, in this case, it does not seem to be for these three Saudi women who married one man, Khalid Al Mutairi.


Khalid Ibrahim Al Mutairi, a polygamous Saudi man celebrated his retirement in a unique way that no other Saudi men ever celebrated. All the credit goes to his three wives who made his day special. His beloved wives and their children united with love to gift him with two cars on his retirement.

His wives bought two cars and pasted a banner on its windscreen. They captured the picture of the two cars and uploaded the pictures on Saudi Twitter which took the social media by storm. The words of the banners translated from Arabic reads,

 A Gift to our dear husband, Khaled Ibrahim Al Mutairi from Om Abdul Aziz and her daughters, from Om Abdul Rahman and her daughter and from Om Noura and her daughters on his retirement.

However, people retweeted on this pictures with different opinions of likes as well as dislikes.  Many tweeted saying there is nothing wrong with the gesture. This picture got much appreciation and on the other hand, it was also ignored by many.

There also stood some people too who were totally against this post because of polygamy. Many Saudi women savagely reacted to this news and disliked the news and the idea of the women to gift him a car.

Undoubtedly, they disliked a polygamous man. It is clear that the women in our society dislike polygamous men and the concept of polygamy.

There were also some users who encouraged polygamy wishing the family good luck to bring up their children, provide them with education and a good life.

Whatever you say, you need to stand up and salute the Saudi guy who managed to have 4 wives and kept them in a way that they are so united in favor of him. Not many have the capability to do it.

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