Hire Saudi LLBs to replace expats – Shoura member

Dr. Naseh Al Baqami, a member of the Shoura Council has recommended that the Saudis should replace foreigners in the private and public sectors.

This recommendation was made to the HRD Ministry. The recommendation that the Saudis shall be appointed as LLBs has great insight. Recommended: List of professions reserved for Saudis

She urged that the Saudis should be given an opportunity to have a representation at the executive positions. She pledged that the HRD Ministry should be providing incentives and facilities to those companies that tend to invest in training human resources.

This way the Saudis would get an opportunity to learn and get the train to be positioned at executive offices.

The Shoura Council demanded the Ministry to make the statistics of unemployment public so that it is known that how many Saudis are unemployed.

Currently, a good number of fresh Saudi graduates in Law are struggling to find jobs. They can be adjusted in some other professions in the private sector to replace expats.

Another female member of the council suggested that the labor laws should be made flexible so that they can meet the modern working environment demands.

Source: Urdu News

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