Hindus burn a Masjid in Delhi and hoist Hanuman Flag on it

A recent incident in India has shocked the Muslim community around the globe. The secular state of India, which claims to protect the rights of all religious groups has been witnessed violating the rights of Muslims.

In a recent wave against the Muslims there, a Hindu mob set a mosque on fire in Delhi. After that, they placed a Hanuman flag on the top of the very mosque.

The mob has been voicing that India belongs to Hindus (Hinduon ka Hindustan) and praised their God (Jai Shri Ram). The area where the incident took place, Ashok Vihar, shops have been looted.

A crying shoe shopkeeper told that the mob looted all his money. The people of Ashok Vihar reported that the mob does not belong to their area: it is a foreign mob.

Ashok Vihar is a Hindu dominant place with little Muslim population. When the mosque was being set on fire, no policeman came to rescue: only a few firefighters, almost helpless were seen. The CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) has started protesting in Delhi.

The protests have resulted in the death of 9 people as a result of clashes that have taken place due to the new Anti-Muslim citizenship law. The people in favor and against it are out all around India. Chaos is seen around India resulting in mob clashes. The police have used smoke grenades and tear gas to dismiss the mobs, yet the condition does not seem to be under control.

The chaos in Delhi is the result of the statements given by the Kapil Mishra, BJP leader, who has asked the Delhi Police to deal with the Anti-CAA protesters in Chandbagh and Jaffrabad in 3 days. Questions are being raised on authorities.

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