Hindu Expat helps HAIA to uncover 1,300 violations and converts to Islam

An Indian Expatriate has been helping the HAIA or Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice over the last 20 years in order to uncover nearly 1300 violations which are mostly related to the sale and production of alcohol.

This statement was made in accordance with a local publication. Mohnish who is 52 years old has been living in Al Ahsa for the past 10 years. He stated that previously he had been a Hindu who became Muslim after he arrived into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mohnish decided that he would help the HAIA force prior to converting to Islam because he was extremely opposed to all the people who were carrying out illegal activities on the Saudi soil.

After he had gotten the visa to seek employment in the Kingdom, he had decided that he should be in compliance with the labor and residency regulations in the country in order to live a good and decent life.

He states that he did not get married in order to provide a good and decent life for his family living back in India, in order to help their mother help, buy the necessities for their house and to allow his brothers to get married.

Students under training in the Drug and Poison Division of King Fahad Security College look at a collection of bottles of alcohol that Saudi security forces confiscated in the past, in Riyadh May 19, 2009. REUTERS/Fahad Shadeed (SAUDI ARABIA MILITARY POLITICS) – RTXJHHF

Mohnish is the eldest sibling. Mohnish has stated that taking up these responsibilities at such as early age has made him wonder why the expatriates had been leaving behind their families and homes in order to seek employment and work abroad.

However, they were willing to violate and disrespect the laws, rules, and regulations of the country which has been sustaining not only them but also their families back home in their native country.

Mohnish had been extremely motivated due to a sense of morality and also because he had wanted the people to stop breaking the rules, regulations, and law, which was having a damaging or negative effect upon the reputation of the law-abiding fellow compatriots in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He also added that the opportunity to live in Al Ahsa has permitted him to see how the true Muslims live their lives and carry out their day to day affairs. It is after this that he started learning and reading more about Islam and then also attending the lectures by the local preachers of the area.

Mohnish added that he felt that his heart was finally at peace and he had become convinced that he should immediately convert to Islam. The members of HAIA force have helped him greatly and he spoke the two declarations of faith to convert to Islam.

Mohnish’s story or rather life story is an inspiration to us all who have a negative or a biased view of Hindu people. His efforts as a Hindu to aid the HAIA force has proven to all the people that Hindus and Muslims are brothers in hand.

It is not only Hindus and Muslims; all the people on earth should first try to be human, and then be whatever your religion calls you to be.

Source: Arab News

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