Hindu can reclaim the Kaaba as a Shivaling – Indian Politician

The tensions between India and Pakistan have been there since the two nations got apart. 

OIC asked India to rebuild the Babri Mosque

The Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) asked India to rebuild the Babri Mosque that was demolished as an act of violence and intolerance by the Hindu extremist in 1992. Taking the issue to social media, Swamy wrote:

“I am happy that the OIC Secretariat has issued a statement that Babri Masjid should be rebuilt on Ramjanmabhoomi. If the OIC does not disown this statement, then Hindus can reclaim Kaaba as a shivaling”

Public Reaction

Pakistanis in particular and Muslims, in general, could not hold themselves back from commenting on the issue. They reminded Swamy that he is not at all in a position to even think of touching Kaaba.

  • People asked him to first resolve the toilet issues in India and then tackle international issues.
  • People asked him to stay away from issues that are bigger than his own size.  
  • Some users called him a third-class man with no respect for other religions.

5018 Hindu can reclaim the Kaaba as a Shivaling – Indian Politician Subramanian Swamy 02

Statements coming from a politician who represents a government in a secular state which has a dominant Muslim population is indeed disappointing.

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