9 different Hijab Styles from all around the World

Hijab is a type of veil that is traditionally worn by many Muslim women. Hijab is worn to cover head and chest. It is compulsory for a Muslim woman to wear hijab in front of a Non-Mahram. It is worn as a symbol of modesty and privacy. In some terms, Hijab is defined as a type of cloth that cover everything except face, hands, and feet.

Wearing Hijab was required by the Law of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations. Some non-Muslim countries have passed a law banning the use of Hijab while it is allowed in many countries. In many parts of the world, many girls are pressurized to wear or not to wear hijab. [irp]

For some it’s all about religion and conviction while some take it as tradition. It depends upon the choice of a woman whether she loves to wear Hijab or not. If she wears, so what type of hijab will she choose for herself? Here are some different types of hijab styles from all around the world;

1-DUPATTA:  Dupatta is used by women in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. It is usually made of light material. There are many types of dupattas used by Ladies of these 3 countries. Some are plain and some are beautifully embroidered.

2-CHADOR: Chador is basically used by women of Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon. But it is also used in many other countries.  This Chador is related with Shi’ite tradition followers. It is basically a long piece of cloth attached to a small piece of cloth which is known as a headscarf. It totally covers the whole body of women.

3-KERUDUNG: Kerudung is a veil original from Indonesia. It has stiff visor allowing a space between the forehead and the fabric. This is very popular hijab style that is worn in Indonesia and Philippines.

4-JILBAB: The Jilbab is one of the popular hijab style worn by women of Indonesia and Philippines. Jilbab is similar to a Chador, covering women from head to toe with an opening of her face.

5-TURBAN: This is basically used by Muslim women in Africa, Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia because of the increasing temperature and burning sun above their head. Turban by its name is lifted up and wrapped around the head excluding the neck.

6-KHIMAR: Khimar is one of the favorite hijab of Egyptian women. It is worn in a style covering head, neck, and shoulder. It flows down to the stomach or thighs.

7-NIQAAB: This is very popular and well-known hijab. All of us are aware of it. It is the official head attire for women in Saudi Arabia. It usually covers the head, face, and shoulder. A slit is created in the area of eyes for seeing.

8-AMIRA: Amira is a popular hijab of Syrian women. It is very easy to wear, no need of pins or brooch. It is an efficient two piece of head covering.

9-ESARP: This is very beautiful and fashionable style of Hijab popular among Turkish Muslim women. A silk piece of square fabric beautifully styles to cover the head and neck. Women from other countries also love this type of Hijab.

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