Highest Saudi Award and a Street named for Pakistani Farman Ali for saving 14 Lives

Even though it has been five years and a lot has happened in those 5 years, the people and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have not forgotten the brave man who saved the lives of people during the flash floods that occurred.

The man was from Pakistan, he was also a karate champion and on that fateful day, he saved the lives of 14 individuals before he drowned while he was trying to save another person. He is amongst many unsung heroes who came out to help the people around them who were in need.[irp]

In accordance with a report that had been presented by the Al-Hayat Arabic Daily Farman Ali Khan, the Pakistani hero from Swat, was found and his brother Rahman Ali Khan decided to have this body airlifted back to Pakistan so that his family which includes his three young daughters could see him one last time before the funeral.

The youngest daughter of Pakistani hero Farman had never seen her father. Rahman Ali Khan, brother of Farman spoke to the Al-Hayat Arabic Daily and stated that his brother was a University Graduate who held several certifications and commendations which commended his efforts for voluntary work.

He was only 32 when he died. Rahman described his brother as being an incredibly brave and courageous man who had once run through a fire to move a gas cylinder that was within the shop, at the time he was only 16 years old. If the cylinder inside the shop exploded there would have been a major explosion and a huge disaster since there was a weapons warehouse located just nearby to where the fire had broken out.

He also added that Farman had used ropes, wooden planks, steel rods and tire tubes to save 14 people during the flash floods in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was trying to rescue another person when the flood waters swept him away. Rahman stated that his brother Farman had saved the lives of all those 14 people without caring about what their nationality, their creed or their religion was.

His main objective in those perilous hours was to save as many lives as possible and he used all his means to achieve that goal. He even paid the ultimate price of his life trying to save the 15th individual.


Rahman stated that his brother Farman used to work in a grocery store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is only able to visit his family back in his home country of Pakistan twice in the six years that he had been working here.

He stated that he is proud of the heroism that his brother displayed and he also believes that he is amongst the martyrs. It is due to these services to the people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that a street in the city of Jeddah will be named after Pakistani Farman Ali Khan.

Source: The News

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