10 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

If you are considering moving to Saudi Arabia to work as an expat, you can target one of the highest-paying jobs. Being an expat, you can work in these professions without Nitaqat problems.

Petroleum Engineers

Saudi Arabia, being the world’s largest oil producer, is heaven for petroleum engineers as it is one of the highest-paying jobs in the country. Their average salary is around SR 300,000/annum.

Specialist Doctors

Specialist expat doctors in Saudi Arabia are in high demand as there is still a low supply of qualified Saudi doctors. Their average salary is around SR 350,000/annum.

It is important to note that simple doctors without specialization are not among the highest-paying jobs in Saudi Arabia, as fresh Saudi graduates are abundant in the market.

CFO/Finance Directors/Managers

If there is a profession where foreigners are still in high demand, it is the finance department.

Accounting managers, finance managers, treasury managers, finance directors, or CFOs are definitely among the highest-paying jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Finance Managers’ average package is around SR 300,000/annum, while finance directors and CFOs earn SR 600,000 onwards.

Banking & Finance

People working in banking and finance are getting a heavy salary in Saudi Arabia. However, it should be noted that soon there will be 100% Saudization in the banking sector.

Corporate executives in the banking sector make at least SR 500,000 per annum.

Civil Engineers

Saudi Arabia has announced the construction of many megacities; hence, civil engineers with good experience are in high demand, too. The projects like NEOM city would take decades, not years, to complete.

Civil Engineers who are project managers in construction projects earn at least SR 500,000/annum.

IT professionals

Just like around the world, IT professionals are among the highest-paying jobs in Saudi Arabia. However, they are not paid as much as in the USA or European countries.

Companies employ most IT professionals to manage their ERP software or IT network.

Foreigner Lawyers

Lawyers with International Contracts experience have seen their salaries rise from SR 400,000 to SR 500,000 per year, and they are treated among the highest-paying jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Sales/Marketing Managers

Sales and Marketing Managers/Directors or other jobs of this level have seen their salaries rise from SR 350,000 to SR 400,000 annually.

Mechanical / Electrical Engineers

The Industrialization rate in Saudi Arabia is relatively high, meaning new industries are being commissioned. This results in the demand for mechanical and electrical engineers.

Mechanical and electrical engineers are also among the highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia as they earn, on average, around SR 300,00/annum.

HR Managers/Directors

The list of highest-paying jobs in Saudi Arabia cannot be completed without discussing HR Managers/Directors. They are paid, on average, between SR 360,000 and SR 750,000, depending upon the company’s size. 

We added this profession at the end because, as per Saudi law, an expat cannot work in the HR department.

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