Here’s why I feel it is cruel to send my 3-year-old to school

Nowadays, as soon as the child is 3 years old, the parents start their search for the best possible pre-schooling to fit their child. Even parents now don’t wait for their child’s second birthday. However, with the passage of time, parents are seen to start enrolling their children in school at a pretty young age in which children have no sense about things.

This age is a playful age to enjoy and play games, a carefree life for children. Gradually it is becoming a trend that parents prefer enrolling their 3 years’ toddlers in school. After considering the current trend, there is a great possibility that parents would start sending their six months old babies to school.[irp]

Besides the age factor, the main question is: why parents think it is fine to enroll their 3-year-old toddlers in school? Are they tired of them already? Most probably every parent is worried about their kid’s early educational development and this makes them compelling to get admission of their toddlers in pre-school.

Most of the experts agree that instead of sending a 3-year-old toddler to Montessori or any preschool, there are many other creative ways for developing their skills which would benefit them later in future. Every parent has their own goal and reason for sending their children to school at such an early age.

Parents should think productively about what kind of goals they have behind sending their young children to pre-school. If there is no goal and you are doing this because you just need time for yourself, sending a 3-year-old toddler to school is not the solution. Still, there are other effective options which parents can consider to enhance their toddler’s skills

An influential lobby of nearly 130 experts’ states that one should start formal schooling of their children after the age of five because early education is causing profound damage to children. This way when children reach the age of six or seven, they are ready to join the school.

The first and the most attentive early educationist is a mother’s quality attention for their child, instead of giving children burden at an early age which he or she might not pick efficiently. It is always better for parents to work hard on their children by developing their children’s skills, habits and confidence themselves.

Build the habit of sharing, tell them sharing is caring, try to make them cooperative by involving them in creational activities, teach them basic manners etc. Before sending your young toddlers to school, it is highly suggested to prepare them socially, emotionally, and physically.

This way when you enroll them in school, they can participate in creative and educational programs with the perspective mode. The Early education given by the mother is considered as the best education.

In a nutshell, if your child is growing, never be worried or rush for the enrollment of your child in best preschool or Montessori. Although there are many Montessori or preschools working effectively who welcome children in 3 years of age but it doesn’t mean that your child is magically ready for pre-schooling.

There is no doubt in their way of teaching. Toddler-hood is one of the most precious times that will never come back. Spend time with your child as much as you can and make their childhood amazing.

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